What Does It Mean if You Dream about Lizards?

As all reptiles, lizards shed their skin regularly, completely changing their exterior as often as the environment demands it, to adapt to the world around them. They are, for this very reason, deeply linked to change, resilience, new experiences and rebirth.

It’s not all good news when you dream about lizards, though, as they are also associated with malice and deviousness, so you should try and remember as many details from your dream as possible to make sure you don’t get the wrong message while interpreting your dreams.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the symbolisms lizards carry with them and why you shouldn’t take what your subconscious is trying to tell you for granted.

Meta description: Lizards and other reptiles are associated equally to both good and bad omens, so if you dream about lizards, then you should be mindful of the details. It’s there that you’ll discover the true message behind your dreams. 

Dream about Lizards Attacking You

Dream about Lizards Attacking You

If you find yourself dreaming about lizards attacking you or someone else while asleep, then this is certainly a bad sign.

This dream is a warning that someone in your life is going to turn against you an attack you: Maybe not in a literal, physical way, but they will take action against you and betray your trust. Regretfully, it will be someone you not only trust but also love and cherish. It might be a family member or even a close friend. They might be acting out of anger over a perceived slight, and you would be wise to try and discover who might be holding a grudge before their revenge harms you.

The lizard attacking you signifies the betrayal of that loved one, but if the attack if particularly vicious, then you should consider that maybe more than one person in your life is plotting against you.

Seeing A Lizard Crawling

If you dream about lizards crawling, then this means there is a person in your life that is acting sneaky and making you suspicious. You might not have noticed it on a conscious level, but your subconsciousness is trying to warn you to look out for those signs you have been picking up during your waking hours. Someone might be out to harm you, or someone else in your life, and it would be beneficial to remain vigilant.

Seeing a lizard crawling has a completely different meaning if you witness it moving into a dark hole: This means to tell you that you have been repressing your sexual desires lately, or maybe even for a long time, and have become increasingly frustrated by this fact. It might be a good idea to look for help.

If instead, you dream about lizards moving all over your body while you lay on the ground, then this means you will soon be facing unexpected challenges, both in your personal and professional life. The problems ahead will be upsetting but you will be able to overcome them and emerge victoriously.

Trying to Catch A Lizard

This is a truly regretful dream, as it is directly linked to your love life. By trying, and failing to catch a lizard, you are trying to chase after someone that simply does not share your feelings. It might be an ex you are still in love with a person you want to date or even your current partner, who is slowly but steadily lingering away from you.

You might also be lying to yourself about the true character of the person you are romantically interested in, and they are not all they seem at first. It would be best to try and take off the love goggles and take a good look at the way they act around you.

Regretfully, you will experience a period of bad luck when it comes to love and romance, and so you should try and shield your heart against disappointment.

Managing to Catch A Lizard

dreams about lizards meaning

This is a great omen and the kind of dream you should look forward to experiencing. Dreaming about lizards and how you catch them successfully means you have found a good balance in your life and are learning to trust your instinct.

You will finally let go of a stressful problem and enjoy a happier and more relaxed time in your life.

It’s a great time to finally take a leap of faith and commit to change: Find a new apartment, a new job or maybe even ask that special someone out. You have luck on your side and will probably succeed in all you set your mind on achieving!

Killing A Lizard

Even if this might seem like a bad omen, it’s quite the contrary: You will emerge victorious from a problem you have been facing, defeating the enemies or adversaries that tried to get in your way. This will not happen without putting in a lot of passion and effort, but in the end, it will be worth your while.

If your reputation was tarnished lately by heinous gossiping, then you are in luck: Soon you’ll find a way to solve this issue and make sure the people who matter know the truth. Your reputation will be restored and any harm done by the rumors will soon disappear

Finding a dead lizard instead of killing it yourself is a warning, but one you should welcome, as it will allow you to stop what was meant to happen. Someone who envies you will try and hurt you, but if you are on the lookout for any wrongdoing, you will manage to avoid any harm and even exposing this person for what they really are.

Eating A Lizard

This is a great sign! Eating a lizard in your dreams means you will soon be enjoying both good fortune and abundance. You will receive money you didn’t expect was coming, maybe in the form of a raise or winning a prize.

It’s a great time to make investments, as you will certainly double your profit. Just make sure you do the right research before throwing your money away, as even the best of luck can be ruined by foolish and rushed behavior.

You could also try something new and be sure that you will enjoy the experience, as all will work to your benefit.

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