Dream About Broken Glass – Find The Symbolic Interpretation

Did you know that glass was very useful in the ancient age for making necklaces, weapons, bowls, and tools? In the present day we also use glass-made things for everyday purposes, so we can easily visualize it.

Now, what does glass symbolize? Glass is a sign of transformation; continuous rebirth and change. Glass is a very brittle material and improper handling can result in it breaking, which is why some of us dream about broken glass.

What Does Broken Glass Symbolize?

Most dream interpreters think that the meaning of a dream about broken glass is related to the act of breaking the rules. When you’ve violated any rule in your real life, you have a much greater chance of encountering this dream. However, your desire to become independent can also result in this dream.

In some cases, dreams about broke glass reflect your thoughts of revealing your emotions after a very long period. It may also denote any anticipations and visions that you can never transform into reality.

Having a broken heart, for any reason, can also trigger a dream about broken glass and, as such, a failure in your romantic life is a common cause. In some cases, this dream symbolizes bad news or stimulates you to quit bad habits. There are therefore several interpretations of dreams about broken glass.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Swallowing Glass?

A dream about broken glass in your mouth is a sign of your desire to sayi something, although you likely don’t know how to say that thing. If you’re spitting pieces of glass in your dream, it has a similar meaning. If you found another person eating glass, it signifies their incapability of saying anything. This dream may also reflect your fear of saying anything offensive. In some cases, a dream of swallowing glass is a sign of your own repentance.

Broken Glass Spiritual Meaning

spiritual meaning of broken glass

The spiritual meaning of broken glass indicates an avoidance of an evil spirit. In the Victorian age, glass was very useful for creating Christmas decorations; we also know that glass is shaped by melting the material. If you have dreamt of breaking glass, it may represent your negative energy and a break from your real life. You should be able to overcome the obstacles in your life.

Dreams About Broken Glass – Meaning And Interpretation

Dream about Glass Items

This dream is the sign of the tender or protective forces present in your life. As the glass has a transparent nature the forces are not visible to you. When you look through the glass in your dream, you may be able to find people wearing masks or telling lies.

Dream about children breaking a glass

It’s important to know whether the child in your dream is a girl or a boy. When you dream of a girl breaking glass, it means that you may not easily find your dream partner in life. However, if you dream of a boy breaking a glass, it may indicate that you can hear bad gossip about you.

When the dreamer is sick, this broken glass dream is a sign of recovery.

Dream about a broken mirror

dream of breaking glass

Although mirrors are man made objects, they are sources of various mysteries. We believe that highly polished mirrors, available in the ancient age, had mystical properties. Some also believed that mirrors have the ability to steal human hearts and souls. In the modern age, there also exist superstitions about breaking a mirror.

A dream about breaking a mirror is a sign of bad luck and can cause misfortune in your life. After having this dream, you may also become inspired to rethink and modify your acts. If you found a broken or shattered mirror in a dream, it denotes that you have an incorrect assumption about yourself. In that case, you may have to go to others for their opinions and instructions.

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Dream about breaking a drinking glass

One of the commonly used objects in our daily life is the drinking glass and we may therefore find it in our dream. The glass can be half-empty or half-full; if the broken glass in your dream is full, it’s a sign of financial issues and a loss of social status. However, when the dream is about breaking an empty glass, it denotes your inability to manage your life.

Dream about broken glass in your hand

Seeing the image of broken glass in your dream indicates various future issues and your efforts in organizing everything. In the dream world, our hands are the sign of our goal or focus and, as the glass is breakable and fragile, you may compare it to your own inner thoughts. The dream also signifies your desire to have something better in the future.

Dream about walking on broken glass

This dream is a sign of the hardships in your life; you have the chance of facing an unpleasant situation in your life. Alternatively, this dream may refer to your readiness to identify your goal for making your life much better. 

Dream about broken glass on your skin

This is a very common dream. Broken glass has a connection to keeping away from bad spirits. For instance, in some cultures, people believe in the act of breaking glass during a marriage ceremony. The image of glass in a dream also signifies joy and love. However, glass may denote your encounter with a future problem in life.

Now, when it’s a dream of broken glass cutting the skin, it indicates the need for protection. This glass may also affect your anticipations in life.

In conclusion, dreams about breaking glass have mostly negative connotations. This negative meaning may relate to your relationships, friendships, or emotions. Although glass has various positive symbols, the dream of breaking this material is generals negative. You must make your bonds stronger and avoid any unpleasant results.

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