Dreaming About Lions – Meaning & Interpretation

You may have recently had a dream about a lion; a dream that may have left you confused about what it could’ve possibly meant. After all, the human brain brings out its deepest desires and insecurities during dreams and it is our job to interpret those dreams and what they mean.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the various different interpretations seeing a lion in your dream can have and the various scenarios that can occur, one of which may have been in your dream. We’ll be talking about what the lion symbolizes and what different meanings it can have based on what type of lion you saw in your dreams.


Lions have archetypically been related to kings, royalty, aggression, and pride. After all, it’s not for nothing that they are known as the kings of the jungle. Lions in dreams indicate that you are thinking about the instinctual part of your brain, the animal brain that we all possess.

Seeing lions in jungles indicates loyalty and respect from the people around you and that you have influence over these people since lions have authority over all other animals in the jungle.

Dream Interpretations

lion in dream

Seeing a Lion – This could mean that you are in a position to overcome hardships and negative emotions. Lions are strong and can influence others since they are the king of the jungle, which indicates that you need to be a good influence on those around you since you are a leader.

Seeing a lion can also mean that you want to be in control for too long or that you want to be in control of too many things, which can make people resent you. Be wary of becoming a control freak.

Seeing a Lioness – Lionesses are tenacious and resilient. They do not give up. This is probably what is being indicated to you if you see a lioness in your dreams. It can also indicate motherly instinct and ferociousness since lionesses are very protective of their cubs.

You need to be resilient about whatever it is you’re doing, and you should protect your loved ones and your interests.

Seeing a Black Lion – Seeing a black lion indicates bad, negative energy that you need to be wary of. This could signify that someone intends to harm you. Figure out who this person may be and try to maintain your distance from them.

Seeing a White Lion – White lions symbolize majestic qualities. They can also indicate becoming aware of your power very suddenly.

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Seeing a Golden Lion – These are the ultimate royalty, the king of all kings.

This could indicate that you are about to be bestowed with great power and responsibility and that you need to be a fierce leader like the golden lion.

Seeing a Talking Lion – Whatever it is that this lion is saying to you is very important since it is your subconscious speaking to you and bringing your innermost desires into view.

Seeing a Cub – This can signify the beginning of a budding friendship.

Scenario Interpretations

Hunting a Lion or Eating a Lion – Hunting a lion usually indicates that you want more leadership roles and more responsibility so that you can showcase your potential.

Eating a lion means you will be receiving this power and responsibility that you crave, and you should make sure to do your best.

Dead Lion – Seeing a dead lion symbolizes losing power and seeing a dying lion indicates losing your grip or control over things slowly.

Lion Tamer – Being a lion tamer in your dreams showcases that you have the ability to keep your aggression and anger in check, only using it when the time comes.

Being a Lion – Lions, as mentioned before, are a symbol of strength and royalty and independence. Being a lion in your dream shows you that you are the one in control over most things in your life and that you command respect from most people in your life.

dreams about lions

You are loyal, headstrong, ambitious and responsible and things are in your control, as they should be. But this could also mean that you are putting too much responsibility on yourself which is negatively affecting the people around you or yourself. You need to stop taking everything on your shoulders.

Being attacked by a Lion – This shows that you or someone around you is leading you to self-destruction. You may be overwhelmed by the circumstances in your life and are having a hard time changing your situation.

If the lion in your dream bites you or tears apart your limbs, it means that it is time for you to shut the door to the toxic relationships in your life since they are affecting you in ways that are out of your control and the only way to stop this onslaught is to say goodbye to these people that are affecting you so.

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Captive Lions – This indicates not being in control and feeling suffocated and having your power stripped away from you.

Being chased by a Lion – In your dream, if you see a lion chasing you and you do everything in your power to outmaneuver it but fail, this shows that you are hiding from certain parts of yourself or certain problems that you are sweeping under the rug are now coming back to haunt you. Face these events or circumstances head-on with the aggression of a lion.

Building a Friendship with a Lion – Building a friendship with a lion in your dream indicates that you will probably meet someone who is very fun to be around. They may also be of the opposite sex.

Christian Interpretation – Many Christians regard lions to be a symbol of God. Feeling safe and secure around a lion can mean that you have accepted God and are in a place of healing, while running away from one can mean that you are running away from God.

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