What Does It Mean When You Dream About Poop

What are your feelings with the thought of poop? We always relate it to something stinky and foul. Consciously, we do not like to have a close contact with it. Still, poop may appear in your subconscious mind, and you dream about poop. We know that poop is the substance, expelled out of our body. It is our body waste, not accommodated by our liver. It is the useless component, and the poop, staying long in our body, can cause a risk to our health. Now, what does it mean when you dream about poop? Let us help you in solving the symbolic interpretation of your poop dream.

When you dream of poop, you need to focus on the poop type and the reason of visualizing the poop. For instance, the poop may be of some animal, like cat or dog. These creatures are very familiar to us in our everyday life. A doggie denotes a faithful friend, while the cat indicates something feminine. While you have dreamt of treading on or cleaning their poops, it symbolizes that you are going to make financial decision. Someone has made wrong decision, and thus, you would make an effort for saving the money.

While you have a dream about cleaning poop, it indicates your attempts after others have made mistakes. The cleanup activity refers to your chance of having monetary profit.

Location and size of poop are other factors for symbolic interpretation of poop. While a bird poop has fallen on your head, you could win a small prize in the coming days.

Now, we have made a list of some common animal poop dreams-

Dream of dog’s poop

dream of dog poop

In various situations of our life, we lose our self-control, and thus, it results in a variety of problems. We cannot find the ways of solving them. From dog’s poop dream interpretation of various psychologists, we have learned that it is a warning to prompt you in having a better control over your life.

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Dream of horse’s and cow’s poop

Horse’s and cow’s poop dream represents a positive meaning and symbolic interpretation. You are going to have success in the coming days, and your financial status would be higher. You can anticipate more earning and more money in the future.

Dream of rabbit’s poop

When you have children and you have dreamt of rabbit’s poop, it represents that your kids will have a better future.

Interpretations of other poop dreams

Dream of poop on the floor

dream about poop

While you have dreams about pooping on the floor, it reveals the flow of your own emotions. However, these emotions may be about your repressed sensation and negative feelings. The dream symbolizes that you have not conveyed those feelings, when you are awake. It may also represent the meaning that you are going to find some garbage in your house.

When you have this dream after talking to someone, it indicates that your discussion will be helpful.

The major fact to understand the poop dream is to identify your feelings after your dream. While you are feeling good after waking up in the morning, the dream indicates that you are free of some past issues.

Dream of finding the bad smell the poop

Poop, appearing in dreams, may not be pleasant. However, your dreams can be highly vivid, and your nose gets the bad smell. Still, this dream has a positive symbolic interpretation. From the psychological standpoint, the smell from poop is a type of energy in your life. This smell is a gas, rising into the air. While you have dreamt of any animal poop, you can compare something to a bed of rose. However, a terrible or unpleasant smell also indicates something new in your life.

Dream of poop in your mouth and in hands

The dream of earing poop or the dream about poop in the mouth may cause you a horrible sensation. This dream indicates unwanted health in the coming days. It may also symbolize unlawful gains, causing a problem in the future. Thus, after dreaming of this thing, you must be careful of anything, you take from others.

You may also have a dream about poop on hands. You are holding or touching the poop, and it represents that your present work is not comfortable to you. While your dream shows the activity of throwing the poop to others, it reveals that you are going to take some type of advantage.

Dream of seeing poop of odd colors

Have you dreamt of poop of green color? Red one? White poop? Poop of various colors? These dreams symbolize an alarm of potential issues in your family. While it is a red colored poop, you may focus more on your own home. Brown poop has a relation to Mother Nature, and you can connect it spiritually.

Dream of finding poop on the bed

You have dreamt of poop in your bedroom or on your mattress. It signifies a problem in your romantic relationship.  While you have smelt the poop in your dream, it symbolizes conflict with your lover. However, it may also represent your sensual energy and other relevant fantasies. Dream of pooping on your bed sheet spiritually indicates your feeling of comfort with your identity. When you are unmarried, this dream indicates your relationship with a wrong person.

While you are seeing poop or feces everywhere in your dream, it predicts a different thing. It reveals that you must release your emotional loads to get a better feel.

Let us sum up of what we have said. Bowel movements of all individuals are different, and mental condition of all personals is of varied types. Understanding the dream is a hint of the mental status. Dream about poop in water or poop, filling the toilet is very common. It mostly clarifies how you need to discharge the negative energy in our life. The human poop dream indicates a chance of overcoming the negativity. Some of us dream of poops repeatedly. However, we think that there is nothing to be concerned about it.​

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