​Dreams About Plane Crash – How Can We Interpret Their Symbolical Meaning?

Have you ever felt scared of the plane crash dreams at night? A dream of any disaster always makes us feel terrified. So, the dreams about the plane crash are surely one of them. The plane-crashing dream is very common particularly to those who have much fear of heights and flying. When we have dreams about a plane crashing and surviving, we start finding the symbolic interpretation behind it. We represent the meaning of dreams in different ways, and it makes us feel confused. That is why we have tried to find out the secret meaning, related to the dreams of plane crash events.

Our life is a journey, and an airplane crash dream signifies the negativity in the path of this journey. As we choose airplane for travelling to remote places, this transportation mode symbolizes individuals, events or past emotions, not connected to you physically.

The most recognized dream psychologist, Sigmund Freud believes that the airplane is a type of phallic symbol. Thus, a dream of a plane accident represents the loss of control in your life. As per the plane crash dream analysis of most of the reputed dream psychologists, it is all our worries and concerns in life. We have learned another symbolic representation from a spiritual viewpoint. The airplane crash dream predicts you on the need of following a direction for the progress in your life. However, in some books on superstitions, airplane has an association with business and wealth.

dreams about plane crashes

Dreams about plane crash landing have different symbolic analyses. They can indicate the present temporary problems in life, and you will easily be successful in overcoming them. However, these dreams may also denote the upcoming positive changes in your life.

There are also different other meanings of the dream about plane crashes.

  • Sign of potential life crisis– The dream could symbolize that you have a chance of going downhill in life.
  • Sign of mental issues– While your mind has turmoil, you can dream of airplane crash. It reveals that your subconscious mind urges you to choose a different and better path.
  • Sign of approaching danger– Your plane accident dream can represent the future dangers and risks in your life.
  • Sign of relief– Some airplane crash dream can symbolize that you are free from all the restraints in life.

We have encountered plane crash dreams of different types, and they have various symbolic interpretations.

Dream on Witnessing the Plane Crash Incident

dream interpretation plane crash witness

You are not the victim of a plane crash, and you are witnessing it from a distance. Dreams about plane crash witness signify that you are too much ambitious and have lofty goals in life. However, this dream on the plane crash could also imply the potential threats in your life. You have to be careful while interacting with anyone in your everyday life. This dream also indicates unfulfilled goals and dreams or disappointments.

In some cases, we visualize that the plane is crashing on land or building. It means that you must work harder for reaching your targets. However, while your dream involves your dear one as the victim of a plane crash, it relates the connection and revolution in your life. The most important truth is that the dreams about plane crashing into building or land can result in a harmful impact on our subconscious mind.

Dreams on Plane Crashing Without any Damage

An accident results in a catastrophic effect. However, when you have dreamt that your airplane crash has not caused any horrible result, it delivers a positive message. It symbolizes that you would be successful in accomplishing your tasks without reliance on others. The scene of the calm sea during the plane crash also indicates that you will gain the ability to land on your own feet.

Dream of Finding Your Mom After a Terrible Plane Crash

We have already told that witnessing the airplane crash reveals our ideals and lofty dreams. However, while having unattainable and impractical aspirations, you can face lots of miscalculations and errors. You have a chance to lose your mom during the distress and isolation. Thus, this type of dream reflects your bruised personality and ego.

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Dreams of Plane Crash Anticipation

Some of us have plane crash dream before flying, and it symbolizes a type of warning to our life. It denotes that you are going to face various issues in your professional or personal life. Thus, when you have this plane crash dream, you have to prepare yourself for faster reaction and for preventing any negative impact.

Dream of Plane Accident, Damaging the Vegetation

The dream of damaged and burned vegetation for plane accident is never a positive sign. It can stand for your unfulfilled goals and frustration. Perhaps your goals are not achievable with your present ability.

Dream of Airplane Crashing Sound

This dream reveals something positive, and it indicates that you are going to get success to achieve your goals.

Dreams of Plane Crash and Fire

This dream represents your feelings of various strong emotions. Over time, your mind has accumulated different feelings. Thus, your heart and subconscious mind are going to reveal it.

Dream Interpretation Plane Crash into Ocean

dreams about plane crashes

Some dream psychologists have interpreted it in a unique way. To fall into the water body or ocean predicts some type of disaster for which you will be responsible. Thus, when you have this dream, you have to take every step-in life carefully.

Thus, we can conclude, dream about plane crashes has different types of symbo​​lic representations. From various sources, we have gathered various meanings of plane crash dreams. The plane that you have dreamt of could be a fighter plane, a commercial plane, a jet plane or a standard plane for passengers.

That is why, your dream may be different from that of others, and its interpretation will also be different. However, from the plane crash dream analysis at various sites, we may conclude that most of these dreams indicate a negative symbol and adverse effect in your life.​

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