Dream About Feces – What Does It Represent To Your Life?

Do you like to keep your thoughts away from the filthy things, like feces? Feces are one of the very common subjects of our dreams. We always relate the faces to something that is highly disgusting and untouchable. Thus, when faces come up in our dream, most of us have a negative feel. Frequent and regular dreams about feces could indicate that you are feeling disgusted of something or someone. We can interpret these feces dreams in various ways. However, the major symbolic representation of feces in your dream is the removal of negative and undesirable emotions and feelings. As you are feeling odd or unusual due to your feces dreams, you may have a look at our interpretations.

During 1930s, Sigmund Freud agreed to the fact that dreams could be useful and valuable when they provide you with some insight. While talking about feces dream, Freud has associated it to one’s personality and personal development. The dreams are actually the hidden interpretation of what is going on in your real life. When you dream of feces, it reflects your digestive condition. While you are having constipation problem in your waking world, the dream about feces has a relation to your blocked emotion. In the Chinese society, this dream represents that we would have emotional issues.  

Dream of poop – Why is it highly repulsive?

Everything, coming out of our bodies (urine and feces), is disgusting. However, while we remove these wastes from our body, it retains our health and prevents disease. The dream of feces can be interpreted in different ways. Spiritually, it can reflect that we have to eliminate the issues in our life. Now, where does it direct us? Always keep in mind that you can never forget the past emotions. At the same time, we cannot overlook our personal emotions. You can try to connect your dream with emotion and then analyze it in your own way. 

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Dream about feces, Biblical meaning

We have tried to find out the Biblical meaning of feces in dreams. It can represent some aspects that are of no value in your life. While the feces appear in your dream in an unusual way, it denotes a problem. The dream about eating feces signifies the undesirable and unpleasant situations in your life. When you have a dream of a house, covered in poop or feces, it reflects the messy condition of your life. It may also represent an embarrassing issue that you must solve.

The potential positive interpretation of dreams about feces

  • It indicates a chance to get release from all the problems and complications 
  • It represents that you are going to be away from all the evil powers
  • It symbolizes that your life will be free of long-term troubles  
  • It signifies that you will soon have benefits from the spiritual healing
  • It can imply your separation from the bad companions
  • It denotes that peace will reign your life, as you have released yourself from errors and sins
  • It stands for your win after defeating your rivals in life

what does it mean to dream about feces

Dream interpretation

Dream of pooping on clothes is a dream that you can relate to discovery. It indicates that the secrets in your life will be disclosed to others.

Dream of playing with poops and feces

This dream is a sign of distress and strains in life. After knowing this symbolic meaning, you may have problem in getting asleep at night. You will feel that some unknown things will bother you. The dream also reflects your impure and negative thoughts. Thus, you can strive to remove these thoughts to have a sound sleep at night.

Dream interpretation- feces in toilet

Your dream may let you visualize that you have not flushed the feces in your toilet. It signifies that you may have an emotional breakdown. The dream warns you that there is a need of resurfacing your feelings and sensations.

Some of us also dream of that our toilet is overflowing with urine and feces. This is a very generic dream and has different interpretations. This dream can be a rough prediction of your financial issues. The dream also acts as a reminder of you have to remove your unnecessary guilty feelings in your real life.

Dream of smelling the feces

biblical meaning of feces in a dream

The dream about feces smell may let you relate something that is unpleasant. However, it is not negative in all cases. The positive meaning is that you are going to have a promising opportunity in your business life and you may take it instantly. This dream also stimulates you for not losing hope. While you do not find any opportunity at present, you would have it within a short time.

However, there is a negative interpretation of this dream. It reflects illegal and shady things in life. Overall, we can say that the real interpretation relies on our own intuition. 

Dream of viewing animal’s feces

From various dream dictionaries, we have found that dream interpretation of animal feces has a similar denotation to that of human poop. In a few cases, the dream of finding animal feces in your house indicates negativity. In relation to the professional field, the dream denotes that something can prevent you from having progress. Thus, your rivals could be a barrier to your path of success.

Always keep your eyes open when you dream about chicken poop other animal’s feces. However, while the dream is about the animal feces outside your house, it denotes a good ad positive sign. 

Thus, we have talked about various interpretations to answer your question – what does it mean to dream about feces? Dreams about feces have Biblical, spiritual and various other interpretations. Some feces dreams are positive signs, while in other cases, they have negative implications. For instance, eaten feces can indicate family troubles, whereas the dream of cleaning the feces stands for delight and pleasure. After dreaming of any type of feces, you may analyze it, focusing on your own feelings and personal life.

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