Dream About Meteors Hitting Earth: 5 Different Meanings & 16 Common Cases

If you dream about meteors hitting earth, it might suggest that you’ll get new information and discover skills you haven’t been aware of.

This scenario can also symbolize losses, bad feelings, and severe problems in some instances. The message is not always good, and you must carefully review the dream.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the issue right here. You can determine the proper interpretation by evaluating various meanings to your life circumstances.

Dream About Meteors Hitting Earth: Symbolism 

Meteor dreams have several symbolic interpretations. Here’s a complete list of them.


Have your darkest worries come true? Do you feel that things are getting worse? When you sleep, this terror dominates you, and a meteor emerges in your dream as a result.

Radical change

Changes in the sky can have a significant effect on life. It would be a drastic change in your life if the sun abruptly stopped shining.

Big event

Meteors are frequently associated with significant changes. Has there been a major historical event lately? 

If this is the case, your dream will focus on the subjective interpretations and emotions surrounding this event.


Did something terrible happen to you yesterday? Meteorites in dreams can cope with everything that has a devastating effect on us.


The dream suggests you are still shocked about the truth revealed lately. You seem not to overcome it easily and need time to adapt. 

dream of meteor hitting earth
You can interpret this scenario into different meanings.

Meteor And Asteroid In Dreams

With minor differences, meteorites and asteroids are equivalent symbols in dreams. 

When a rock hits the earth and evaporates, it creates a meteor, often called a “shooting star.”

On the other hand, an asteroid is a huge rocky object in space orbiting the sun. In dreams, the sun symbolizes male power, the ego, and life.

Whatever the case may be, something important has reached your mind. It has sent a mysterious signal just for you and will show up unexpectedly.

Remember, this signal is something outside of our awareness, something we won’t be able to see until it appears in our life. 

If the asteroid or meteor becomes a shooting star in your dream, it means that your prayer or desire may come true.

Wishing upon a shooting star, or luckily a meteor shower, is a good sign in dreams – perhaps the universe is listening to your wishes.

Something that falls out of the sky and lands on the ground may symbolically represent your emotions, events, thoughts, or essential identity.

The critical question here is, how did you act when it hit the earth? In your waking life, what does this metaphorical image inform you of?

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Dream About Meteors Hitting Earth: 16 Common Cases 

This scenario refers to different meanings. It would be best to recall as many details as possible to interpret your dream correctly. 

A meteor falling

The dream of meteor hitting earth symbolizes the revelation of a secret. There’s a risk you’ll find out that you’ve spent your entire life holding the erroneous view of somebody who didn’t even deserve it.

You’ve allowed society to dominate you and have been too reliant on other people’s advice. 

You’ll be disappointed with yourself for not using basic logic and judging people independently.

A meteor hitting you

If you dream about a meteorite crashing down on your head, it suggests you will start a relationship. You’ll likely meet someone unexpectedly and find yourself unable to ignore them.

You won’t know what got you, but the feeling will push you to do a lot of crazy stuff to get that person’s attention.

The situation in which these dreams happen and the details following them influence their interpretation. Most meanings have to do with romance, spirituality, and internal changes.

A meteor hitting someone

Sadly, this dream is not a good sign. You may criticize that person for no longer loving you or that they may accuse you of the same thing.

A meteorite hitting your family member, friend, coworker, or another person in your dream suggests that you will see somebody’s spiritual guidance.

That individual has always been quiet and reserved, but they will now start to engage with others more.

You’ll be happy that they’ve overcome their challenges and are moving on to a better stage of life.

A meteor rain

dream about a meteor rain
This scenario is a symbol of love.

In dreams, a meteor shower is a symbol of love. You’re in a stage of life where you prioritize love over everything else.

You attempt to be available to your dear ones at all times and spend all of your time with them.

Until lately, you probably focused all of your attention and effort on a career and earning money, but something within you has changed.

You’ve moved to spirituality and feel they’re more significant than anything else.

Seeing a meteor with radar

When you have a dream about using radar to monitor the position of meteors, it shows you are anxious. You’ve been examining everything others have said and done lately.

You suspect somebody in your group has evil intentions but can conceal them successfully.

Rather than accusing someone of anything without evidence, consider who would want to destroy you and what they could benefit from it.

Someone seeing a meteor with radar

If your dream involves someone else using radar to detect meteors, it implies you will talk about a beloved one. You want to tell one of your friends about the other.

Your conversation may center around the decisions made by that person, and you totally disagree with it. You discuss it with others for days instead of telling it straight to that person.

People warning about the meteor crashing the earth

This scenario warns you that a meteor will strike the earth, suggesting that you soon get heartbreaking news.

Perhaps the actions or decisions of somebody will surprise you. It might be the news that a loved couple you thought had a nice relationship has ended their romance or marriage.

Trying to stop the meteor from hitting the earth

This scenario implies that you may be afraid of your feelings and attempt to disguise them. Perhaps you are in love with somebody and do not want to accept it.

You’re putting your happiness on hold because you’re worried they’ll reject you. Nevertheless, if you continue to act this way, your heart will be empty. 

Everyone deserves to be happy. Hence, stand up and fight for your happiness. Time is too short to think about others and ignore your feelings. 

A meteor destroying the earth

If you’re dreaming about such terrible images, it’s an indication that you’re giving up hope that things will get better.

There is not much you can do. However, if you start by changing yourself, you’ll have a significant first step.

Do what you can, but avoid hurting yourself with thoughts about things you can’t control. 

A meteor destroying a city

This scenario implies you are very concerned about what other people talk about you and think of you. 

You seem too obsessed with others appreciating you, yet it upsets you when you hear somebody has a negative impression on you.

Instead of attempting to fit in with the crowd and gain sympathy by behaving populistically, you must focus on becoming your best self. 

A meteor destroying your house

A nightmare of a meteor destroying your house reveals difficulties in communicating with your dear ones. Your recent interactions with family members have been tense.

Your family may not understand each other and must fight to respect your views and thoughts rather than be rejected.

With such an attitude, you will risk further distancing yourself from one another. You forget that love is the glue that holds you together.

Rescuing someone after the meteor hits

This dream implies that you will be joining a charitable organization to assist a person or group of people. 

You’ll hear about somebody’s heartbreaking story in the news and want to do anything you can to help them have a better life.

Rebuilding a place destroyed by the meteor

When you dream about reconstructing a city destroyed by a meteorite, you know you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.

To see the exact outcomes, you’ll have to put a lot of money, energy, hard work, and dedication into it. It is essential for keeping your motivation because resilience pays off. 

Taking a photo of a meteor hitting the earth

Taking a picture of a meteor landing in dreams suggests you’ll spend time with loved ones and have unforgettable moments.

There’s a possibility you’ll assemble your friends and family to enjoy their company while eating and drinking delicious meals.

Another chance is that someone will invite you to their wedding or any celebration and you will have a wonderful time there. 

Collecting the meteor remains

In a dream, collecting meteorite remnants implies that you are focusing too much on the past, preventing you from caring about the present more positively. 

You keep coming back to what you’ve accomplished or failed, even while fantastic prospects for advancement slip by.

You don’t need to regret anything because the wisdom we have gained always tells us something. Everything becomes easier as soon as you look forward to the future.

Studying about meteorites

If you dream about studying the meteors that have collided with the earth, it implies you are a clever and passionate person who is underutilizing their potential.

Perhaps your current career doesn’t need much creativity, but you may go around with a hobby.

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Dreaming of meteors seems to be a beautiful dream. However, it symbolizes many things, depending on the exact details you see.

Hopefully, this post can help interpret the dream you experience. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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