Why Do You have Dreams about Vomiting?

This might be a very unpleasant dream, and you might even consider it a nightmare, but the important thing about it is that you don’t ignore it altogether. As disgusting or disturbing as it might be, it also offers hidden meanings that you would benefit from understanding, even if it’s usually bad news.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the possible interpretations dreaming about vomiting carries with it.

Vomiting in Your Dream

If you deal with dreams about vomiting and it’s yourself that’s enduring it, then there is something in your life that you feel like you should get rid of. The vomiting signifies how bad this particular situation or person is for you and how, though it might be hard letting go of it, it’ll be better for you in the long run.

This can be a negative relationship like a lover or a friend, or perhaps even a job that’s making your life miserable. Whatever the case, your subconscious is telling you it’s finally time to let go of it and regain control over that area of your life. Perhaps there’s a toxic person you currently deal with on a daily basis? Think long and hard about it, as you shouldn’t disregard this warning.

It’s time to let go of the past and move forward, especially if you’ve been clinging onto an ex or someone who you had a big argument with.

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Seeing Other People Vomiting

Seeing Other People Vomiting in Dreams

If you have dreams about vomiting, but it’s other people who’s getting sick, then this is not a good sign. This is a warning that there are a lot of toxic and fake people in your life, or that the friends you surround yourself with don’t have your best intentions in mind.

This is an omen that warns you about the fact that you’ll be betrayed soon, and the more people you see vomiting, the worse the betrayal will be.

You should be on the lookout for what people in your life that could potentially want to harm you, perhaps a jealous coworker or an envious friend. You would be wise to keep your secrets quiet as this person will take advantage of any perceived weakness they notice.

Cleaning Up Vomit

If you experience dreams about vomiting and then you begin cleaning it up, this is a good omen! This means you will be getting a raise in your job or perhaps your partner will receive this benefit. Whatever the case, you will soon be reaping the rewards for all the hard work you’ve been doing lately.

You should also be careful, though, of new people entering your life, as they might try to take advantage of your good fortune. Remember the friends and loved ones you’ve always been close to and don’t forget who’s been there for you during rough patches in your life.

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Being Unable to Stop Vomiting

If for whatever reason you can’t stop yourself from vomiting all through a dream, then this symbolises the struggles you’ve been facing in your life lately. It’s probably a situation that’s been causing you a great deal of stress, and this dream is a sign that it’s time you look for help. Consider speaking to your partner or your loved ones: They’ll not only support you, but perhaps even give you great advice to solve the issue at hand.

Trying to Stop Yourself From Vomiting

If during the dreams about vomiting you try and avoid it from happening, you are probably a self-conscious person who is worried to reveal their own beliefs and ideas in front of people.

You are worried that voicing your opinions will make people around you judge you or be mean, and so you try and keep it quiet. You are not comfortable with this situation, and it’s reflected in your dreams. It’s probably a good moment to try and grow more confident and accept that not everyone will be happy with everything you say 24/7. This will only keep causing your unnecessary stress over time and can become a real problem if you don’t face your insecurities soon.

Vomiting Anything Other Than Food

Vomiting in Your Dream

In your dream, you might find yourself vomiting several different things, and it’ll not always be realistic, like silver or jewels. Each item has different interpretations, so let’s analyze each one individually:


If you find yourself vomiting blood in your dream, then this should be considered a dire warning about your health. It’s time to visit the doctor! It’s probably something is going on with your body and it’s better to have it checked in time than waiting until the first symptoms begin to arise.


If instead, you find yourself or others vomiting silver, then this is a sign that you, your partner, or someone close to you is either pregnant or soon to be! This is a great omen as it will bring lots of happiness to your life, whether it’s your own child or that of someone you love. This kid has been expected for a while and it will be a healthy baby!

Fruit pits

This dream is a sign that you have been dealing with intense feelings of guilt recently. You might be trying to avoid this fact, but you can’t outrun your mistakes, especially a situation you feel you were to blame for. It’s best to confront the problem and accept your responsibility, as it will bring you great peace of mind in the long run.


If you are vomiting gold or jewels, then this is a great sign! You will soon be receiving unexpected extra money. It might involve winning the lottery, getting a raise at work or even being given a gift. Whatever the cause, you will enjoy a few months of peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

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