Interesting Meanings Behind Dreams about Turtles

Did you dream about a turtle lately? What does it mean when you dream about turtles? If you don’t have a turtle, or if you have not interacted with a turtle lately, then there is a lot of possible meaning being your dream. Think about exactly what occurred in your dream. Turtles are often good luck and represent positive changes in your life.

What Does It Generally Mean When You Dream About Turtles?

If you simply have dreams about turtles that are not doing anything special, there can be several meanings behind this.

To start, turtles can symbolize maternity in a dream. If you are pregnant, or if you are wishing to have a child, this may be the reason why you have dream about turtles. They not only symbolize fertility but maternity as well.

If you have a rather closed personality and are much more reserved in your relationships with others, this could also be the reason why you dream about turtles. The turtle could also be a sign of you needing to open up to changes in your life.

dream about turtles

Turtles overall are symbols of a long life, wisdom, and loyalty. These could be qualities that you possess or things that you need to work on.

If there are instances in your life where you may be rushing, such as in a relationship or in your career, dreams about turtles may indicate that you should slow down and be patient.

If you touched the turtle in your dream, this could be a sign that something will take place soon that will make you happy. Or, it could mean that you need to change the way you approach things in your life.

Dreams about turtles could also indicate that there are good things waiting for you. Such dreams tend to be good luck. Be willing to take risks in your life in order to see what’s in store for you.

Dreaming of Turtles Attacking You

Now, we will get into what it means when you dream about turtles in other circumstances. You may see dreams of different ways a turtle will attack you.

If the attacking turtle in your dream has bitten you, beware. This could mean that someone in your life will betray you. The reason for this is that you might have kept them waiting for too long on an important decision.

If you had dreams about snapping turtles, this is a symbol of any dreams or goals that you had that were left unfulfilled, or it means that there is something in your life that frustrates you.

dreaming of turtles attacking you
Dreams about snapping turtles

Dreams about attacking turtles could also symbolize that you avoid confrontation and that there are important issues you should no longer ignore in your personal life.

If you catch a turtle in your dream, this is an indication that you are involved in an argument or power struggle with someone who is not as resourceful as you. It’s a sign that you will win the argument.

Finally, if you have a dream about a turtle that is chasing you, this means that you need to face your problems and no longer hide from them.

Dreams About Turtles Dying

It is possible that you may also have a dream about turtles dying. While death may make you fearful, this is not always a bad sign, especially when the dream involves a turtle.

If you simply saw a dead turtle in your dream, this means that you need to be more outgoing and social. Don’t be so closed off in social settings.

If the turtle in your dream was hurt, it symbolizes the desire that you have to gain the respect of others. It could also be a symbol of you being disappointed in or having doubts about something.​

dream about turtle dying
Dream about turtle dying

Dreaming about a turtle that is on its back indicates emotional or physical problems that you or someone else may have. If you know this is about someone else, the dream is telling you to help them. And if it’s about you, ask for help from those you trust.

Accidentally killing a turtle in your dreams is a sign that you need to take a step back and be patient in certain areas of your life. This could be in projects, work, or relationships.

If you not only killed the turtle but ate it too in your dream, then great news- this is a sign of good luck! This could mean that you will be obtaining a lot of wealth soon.

Even a dream about eating a turtle is good luck and is a symbol of a long life.​

Dreams about Baby Turtles

Baby turtles can help you to understand different things going on in your personal and work life.

Having dreams about baby turtles could indicate difficult changes that you are going through in your life.

If you see a turtle’s eggs in your dream, this means that you are under a lot of stress. Try to ease some of the burdens placed on you. Ask those around you for help in doing so.

If you have a lot of stress at work, seeing baby turtles in your dream could mean that you need to learn how to work with those around you.

dreams about baby turtles
Dreams about baby turtles

It could also indicate that you should give your children or spouse more freedom and not try to help them out as much. Allow them to learn for themselves and make their own mistakes.

It has also been suggested that, if you see baby turtles in your dream, you will develop an idea that will help you in the long run.

If you see baby turtles hatching out of their eggs, this also means that new beginnings await you. And eggs can also be a sign of you making slow but steady progress.

​Dreams About Moving Turtles

You are also likely to see turtles moving in your dream. The way these turtles are moving and on which surface can have an impact on the dream’s meaning.

If you see a turtle that is swimming slowly, this means that you are likely to have a long life.

If it’s swimming in dirty and muddy water, then this will indicate obstacles that you may face that will not allow you to get a project done easily. It could even put your potential success in danger.

A turtle moving quickly is an indication for you to change the way that you think about or approach something in order for you to have better outcomes.

dreams about moving turtles
Dreams about turtle moving quickly

A flying turtle, as silly as it may seem, is an indication that you need to try out new things in life and shed your reservations.

If the turtle is walking on the ground, this means that you need to take things more slowly in relationships, in work, or in other areas of your life.

And finally, if the turtle is moving away from you, this means that something in your life is coming to an end. This could mean a relationship, friendship, or career. Be prepared for new beginnings and changes in your life.​

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Dreams of Turtles in Different Cultures

Turtles also have important meanings across cultures. In many cultures, such as Hawaiian, Celtic, and Native American cultures, turtles and dreams about turtles signified good luck and protection. Ancient Egyptians, however, feared turtles.

Dreams about Different Colored Turtles

dreams about blue turtle
Dreams about blue turtle

There are different meanings of dreams with specifically colored turtles. You may see turtles that are green, golden, black, or blue.

A green turtle is a symbol of you having good health and virtue. Golden turtles represent positive and fortunate periods of your life. Blue turtles represent the good characteristics such as honesty and wisdom that you see in others, and black turtles represent any obstacles in your life.

Dreams about Turtle Shells

dream about turtle shells
Dream about turtle shells

Turtles use their shells for help and for protection. If you see a shell in your dream, this means that you are protected from the many problems that surround you

If the shell is empty, it means that you are protected from the world. You also tend to give an appearance of being emotionless.

If you see a turtle hiding in the shell, it could also mean that you are hiding from reality.

Finally, if the shell is broken, it means that there will be a break in trust between you and someone close to you.


Interpreting dreams can be an interesting way to find out what is going on in your life. More often than not, we dream about things that we think about frequently, or about events currently taking place in our lives. Sometimes, though, our dreams can have a deeper meaning.

Overall, dreams about turtles typically signify good luck or tell you about areas in your life in which change is necessary.

Turtles tend to symbolize wisdom, fertility, and longevity. Having dreams about turtles could mean that any one of these characteristics applies to you.

What took place in your dream about turtles? Did you find that the meaning applied to you?

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7 thoughts on “Interesting Meanings Behind Dreams about Turtles”

  1. In my dream, we were at the beach, it was light going on dark, there were several of them, we were playing on the shore line and in the water, it was the greatest feeling, as I am not fond of swimming in the ocean at all

  2. I dreamt of walking near a small pothole in the road and noticing a tiny turtle, the size of a nickel, on a rock in side the pothole. She could see out but was stuck at the edge of the rock. She could go no further without falling off the rock, further down into the pothole but the rock was not high enough to get out of the pothole. It was not very warm and raining as I noticed she was wet, which seemed to make her predicament even worse. I asked her if she needed help and she smiled and seemed excited and in the tiniest voice she said “yes please help me, I would be so grateful”! She said her name, which I think was Lisa….it surprised me that she spoke, let alone had a human name! She was like a tiny little lady that was just stuck and so very happy to be helped! She seemed very independent until she ran out of of options and rendered her helpless. I was very happy to help her and have such a beautiful unique little friend.

  3. I dreamt that there were turtle eggs that appeared magically into a tank and hatched and kept appearing. And hatching. There were at least 40 babies in there.

  4. I had a dream last night that I was walking thru waist deep water and baby turtles started swimming in a circle around me. I even picked one up ever so carefully because they were so tiny, and said “hey bitty baby.” Then put it back in the water and they continued to swim around me as I walked. It was strange because the environment had a tsunami aftermath vibe… I live in Florida. Mind you, La Palma is erupting on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. And now my ears are ringing.. oh sh**! Sending out prayers of protection to the arrears the Atlantic borders. Been praying for those in the Canary Islands. ✨

  5. I dreamt that i found an old tin box and something alive was moving inside it. I opened it and a turtle fell out. The turtles shell was broken and its body was trying to crawl away from it. Both the body and the shell had heads. The shell kept covering the body, making it look like a two headed turtle.

  6. Small pet turtle during flooding. Family moving to higher ground. Lost pet turtle. Freaking out searching and searching. Found out of its shell almost dead. Poured water on it and cared for it until it was awake. Had a silver circle on its tummy. Put him back in shell and kept moving.

  7. i Dreamed i was in a house, there was a rug and I lift it and there were about 2 baby turtles, I ran to tell someone, when I went back, therer were 2 more babies and a big turtle, I left again. Then when i reutrn the babies was all over the place and then there were 2 big turtles, i think it was the mom and dad, the bigger turtle was rubbing the other big turtle, then the little babies were following them, I went to pick up a babies but he kept flipping on his bacj. i then saw a fish tank and started cleaning it for them


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