Dreams About Peeing – Meaning and Symbolic Interpretations

Have you ever dreamt of peeing? It might have triggered a disgusting feeling. Dreams about peeing are common not only to the kids but also to the adults. You may think that your natural physical urge of peeing has resulted in this type of dream.

However, your own psyche plays a role in interpreting the symbolic representation of the dream. Urinating or peeing is one of the natural processes of removing toxins from your body. Thus, the dream of peeing indicates the elimination of your negative thoughts. We have now helped you to find out the pee dream meaning of different types.

You do not need to have shameful feeling for dreaming about peeing. In some ancient cultures, pee is thought to be a remedy. That is why pee dream interpretation could reflect something positive. While you are peeing, you feel a relief. Hence, this dream symbolizes the reduction of burden in your life.

Overall, we can say, your health has a link to the dream symbols. You have a chance of undergoing a remedy. However, bed wetting in the dream indicates your overconfidence or something too good to you in your life.

What does it mean to dream about peeing?

Pee dream- Interpretation from the psychological viewpoint

Pee or urine in your dream signifies a relation to sensuality. The genitals and urethra are very close to each other. We get a relief for the prolonged urination, and we may compare it to orgasm. In both these instances, we feel a well-being, and the dream of pee indicates your sensual needs.

However, while you have felt disturbed after waking up from your dream world, it signifies a disturbance in your sexuality. It also denotes the lack of self-confidence. The dream can reflect your unconscious fear for your personal misconduct. Thus, as one of the dreamers, you can find out the clues, and know the hidden symbols of your pee dream.

Pee dream- Analysis from the spiritual viewpoint

what does it mean when dream about peeing

Some dream interpreters have found that the dreams about peeing indicate a spiritual healing. 

We go to the bathroom several times for peeing without any thought. However, the major issue turns up when we need to pee and we cannot do it for some reason. For instance, you can face this situation, when you are in traffic jam or you cannot find a nearby bathroom. In these cases, your bladder could not get a relief. By stopping or controlling peeing for long hours, we may have a painful and unpleasant affair.

Now, we have analyzed peeing dreams of different types. You could find some odd, creepy dreams. However, several dreamers have encountered the following dreams.

Dream of urinating in your pants

This dream of peeing in your pants has a negative symbolism. It may denote the financial issues in the future. For preventing this problem in your real life, you need to save more money to overcome the financial troubles. However, another analysis of the dream warns us of the clashes with someone.

When you have dreamt of someone, peeing in his pants, there is no need to worry. This dream represents something positive in your financial status. You will get a chance of earning more money.

Dream of seeing someone peeing

In your dream, you may have seen that someone is urinating. It indicates that your level of communication with others is not much good. Have a better and stronger relationship with them.

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Dreaming of peeing in all places

While you have a dream of peeing everywhere, it signifies a positive sign. In most cases, the dreamers have gained prosperity in life after encountering this dream. 

Dream of peeing somewhere outside your house

When you have this pee dream, you have to be conscious of the potential theft. Anytime, when you are coming out of your house, you must lock the doors.

Dream of peeing on the floor

You can find the negative connotation of this dream. It indicates the win of your enemy, as you have no control over few facets in your life.

Dream of peeing in a bathroom or toilet

pee dream meaning

It is a dream with positive symbolic interpretations, and it indicates a good interaction with someone. The dream also denotes faster recovery of your health issues. However, you may believe the dream to be a reminder for cleansing your emotion.

In a few cases, the dream also indicates your restrictive nature and the prevention of your spontaneity. Another interpretation denotes your refusal of displaying your own self to any other person.

Dream of peeing on your feet

Wait for something positive when you have this dream. This pee dream signifies your success for your present attempts. It symbolizes your chance of gaining promotion in your professional life or obtaining a better job. Thus, you will have an increasing finance in future. However, for some dreamers, the dream represents marriage in the coming days.

Dream of a situation when you can’t find a site for peeing

This dream is a reflection of your personal emotions in life. You are finding a chance of releasing your own feelings. However, you would not have much boldness for doing it. You might have self-confidence issues, preventing you from achieving success. 

Dream of peeing before the public

You may have felt discomfort when you have encountered a dream of peeing in public. However, there is a positive symbol of this dream. It indicates that you are going to get love in your romantic life. You will enjoy a better life in the future.

Dream of seeing blood in your pee

Blood is coming out with your pee, and you may have felt confused and scared. Thus, the dreams about peeing blood have negative implications.

Dream of cleaning pee

It denotes our feeling of embarrassment due to our own attitudes

Now, you have understood various symbols of the dreams about peeing. This dream may have a relation to your health, your personal situations, your emotions and various other issues. In most cases, the dream conveys a message while you are in unconscious state. Read our dream interpretations, related to peeing.

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