What Does It Mean When You Dream of Choking? 9 Most Common Cases

The dream of choking is not a rare case. However, do not neglect it because it may reveal intense emotional conflict inside you. 

This dream might represent various things, but it’s usually a warning message concerning something you should pay attention to right away.

People may not even be aware of the challenges troubling them, and our unconscious alerts in dreams may be the only way to be uncovered.

We will explain the choking dream symbolism right here and cover some common cases you may encounter. Let’s read on to discover! 

Choking Dream Symbolism 

There are several possible interpretations if you find yourself being choked by something in your dream.

You can be looking for confirmation of something, or you might get trapped with something in your real life. Another case is that you might be unable to get out of a specific real-world situation.

Here are the most common interpretations of such dreams. 


We always seek advice from the people we trust. Otherwise, you will find someone who you believe can solve your problem. 

Often, we are consciously ready to follow the advice of someone. However, there are still cases when your subconscious differs from your final decision. 

The disagreement of the subconscious to listen to an opinion affects the thoughts and enters your sleep like choking.

Lack of emotions

We have all seen people choke when they are undergoing solid emotions in their daily lives.

When the same event happens in dreams, choking, particularly on a bit of food, refers to a lack of emotions or difficulty expressing opinions in actual situations.

You don’t have the stimulation or the awareness to evoke any kind of emotional reaction by yourself.

This lack of emotional expression might be self-inflicted as a defensive barrier or the consequence of child trauma.


Choking dreams might signify that you disapprove of someone’s thoughts or ideas and don’t want this person to be recognized.

This bitterness and hostility against someone cause you to have nightmares about being choked by something. 


Such dreams might also represent a new set of thoughts and opinions that have entrapped you more than you were earlier.

You may have attempted a new or risky path to escape from a situation, but you ended up getting stuck in it even more. To avoid more trouble, you must adhere to traditional methods for the time being.

Inability to decide

You may have these dreams frequently when you can’t determine whether to express or repress something, whether it’s an idea, an emotion, or your emotion.

The continuous dilemma stimulates nightmares in which you find yourself strangling on something and unable to expel or swallow it. 


The dreams may also mean that you have recently made many reckless decisions in your waking life without considering the consequences or implications of your choices.

You are going too hurriedly in life, which may make you accidentally fall when you don’t expect it. 

The experience of being choked might imply that too many things are going on in your life. Your mind can’t fully understand and adapt to it. In this case, keep calm and step back before you get exhausted. 

dream about being choked by a spirit
Recall the decisions you have made recently.


The dreams may inform you that you have recently been too tired of negativity and felt like something is choking you. 

Your subconscious may be sending you these hallucinations to make you realize how miserable you are and to tell you that it’s time to let go of the bad feelings you’ve accumulated.

Difficulties in accepting the truth

Sometimes, we have to face some problems that are too hard to accept. The changes may obsess us day by day. 

You don’t want to accept and adapt to reality, although you can’t do anything to change it. As a result, you feel smothered and overwhelmed by what’s going on.

The dreams act as a reminder that you have to let something go and turn back to your daily life. 

Common Situations For The Dream Of Choking 

What happened in your dream exactly? Did you choke someone, or did someone choke you to death? 

Each scenario symbolizes a different thing. Let’s dig into the details!

Choked by somebody

If you’ve ever dreamed of being choked by anyone, especially someone you know and trust, it means you’re under a lot of mental pressure from that individual. He or she may give you little space to breathe.

This sense of emotional suffocation appears as a dream in which you find yourself strangled by that person.

Alternatively, it might also imply that you cannot explain your thoughts to that person, which could cause dissatisfaction in your relationship.

dream about choked by somebody
You must be suffering from a lot of mental pressure.

Choking somebody

Another case is that you dreamt of choking someone. This dream represents your negative thoughts and hatred towards that particular person. 

You may not like him or her for some personal reasons or want to talk about something to that person. 

Alternatively, the scenario may imply that you want that person not to speak out the truth. Otherwise, people around you will get hurt when the truth comes out. 

Choked to death

This dream suggests that some circumstances are trying to stop you from honestly expressing yourself. Social situations, personal concerns, or those in your surroundings can influence. 

To live a healthy and happy life, you must trust yourself, follow your rules, and commit to your choices. Then, you can be free and safe without being strangled by others’ judgments.

If you have a dream about choking to death, it may be a warning that someone is stealing your positive energy.

You may have nightmares if you spend a lot of time with somebody who is continuously complaining, criticizing, or even being aggressive to you. 

Choked on blood

Seeing oneself choking you on blood in your dream is a terrible sign that some hidden danger is approaching you. It might cause a significant imbalance in your waking life.

You must be aware of the surroundings and keep a safe distance from any threats.

Choked on worms

Even imagining worms crawling out of your mouth is awful, but experiencing such a scenario with no way out is much more frightening.

If you see yourself being choked on worms, it’s a sign that someone in your family is trying to plot against you or is envious of your success.

You should be aware of your situations and not put too much faith in anyone, including your blood.

dream about choked on worms
Worms refer to something terrible.

Choked on hair

Being choked on hair in your dream symbolizes a refusal to take responsibility. You can be hesitant to choose a job because you’re not confident if you’ll be able to do it well.

Your anxiety may force you to take responsibilities that are not suitable for you, resulting in a significant loss.

The dream indicates that you are coping with a problem that is hurting you. Perhaps you did the wrong thing, or you’ve been suffering from some unpleasant feelings.

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A kid choking you

Dreaming of a kid choking you represents your inner self, who is feeling the strain of imagination and influence over his or her life.

The difficulty to swallow anything reflects your refusal or reluctance to accept the beliefs or ideas imposed on you. It also refers to your desire for freedom.

dream about a kid choking you
The scenario reflects your inner self as a child.

Dream about being choked by a spirit

Dreaming about a spirit strangling you might mean that you’re trying to break free from something that’s stressing you.

The dream might indicate that you are attempting to escape a complicated real-world problem. Maybe you get stuck in a toxic relationship, a terrible career, or a challenging situation.

Your subconscious mind is encouraging you to let go of anything that is preventing you from going ahead correctly.

A dream of being choked by a spirit might imply that something from the past interferes with your present and future.

Your past is still hanging over you, as symbolized by the spirit. The only way to overcome this situation is to move forward. 


Choking is a terrifying dream that you don’t want to experience. However, it happens for a reason.

If you have such dreams, do not ignore them. They are trying to tell you about something wrong happening to you. 

No matter what scenario you find yourself in dreams, keep calm and search for advice. Then, work on the current problems in your life until everything is OK.

Hopefully, the interpretations we have shared are helpful for you. If you have any questions about ‘dream of choking’, please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading! 

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