Dream about Coins – Meaning and interpretation

Throughout the ages, civilizations have held great value on the importance of coins. From their use in real life as a means of currency, productivity, jewelry, or even when they are encountered in dreams, coins represent the distinct sign of prosperity and abundance. The coin seems to be perceived in the same manner as the circle, symbolizing the wholeness. Dream about coins may bring you new insights into how you can enhance your self-esteem.

Covering a more in-depth symbolic view, we have to recognize the fact that coins have two sides. This fact is sometimes the viewpoint apprehended in dreams, revealing the dual aspect of life. Heads and tails – the inward and the outward, the two aspects of existence – life and death.

Coins Dream Meaning

The coins that appear in your dream are a symbol of purity. In reality, you may be looking for ways to demonstrate your sincerity, honesty, and it might even be about specific fears regarding the essentials of your life.

If you have a dream about coins, it can be interpreted as a chance that might have been significant to your life. This may signify a specific thing that you value so that it can have a vast meaning. Dreaming about finding coins is a favorable aspect concerning financial gains acquired in real life.

If you dream about change, metallic money, it means that you are at a crossroads, and you seek to define your authenticity in certain situations, such as in love, in a relationship with a friend or with your family.

Depending on the amount of coins in the dream, the dream’s perception may vary. Coins in a dream are regularly apprehended to be connected to the health and abundance of the person dreaming.

If the coin is manufactured from different metals, rather than gold, silver or bronze, then this dream is connected with your struggles to succeed in life, or even so, you may experience the fear of financial instability. Each coin has its own significance, which can vary significantly.

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Dreaming of Silver Coins

Dreaming of Silver Coins

Silver coins symbolize spiritual expansion in your life. You can flourish spiritually and reach an elevated standard in the spiritual realm as opposed to your current phase.

The dream sign silver as a metal represents value, versatility as well as magic. Like the moon’s color, it reveals that you have a deep intuitive capacity. It is an effortlessly malleable element and thus designates the adaptability of the person who dreams about it. However, this dream can still imply other meanings.

In a dream, silver coins can also symbolize deception and betrayal, and tiny coins mean tears. A large amount of silver coins indicates good luck and wealth.

Consequently, if you offer it to someone, you’re going to endure an economic loss. If you find coins and celebrate, it implies that you will feel joyful in the actual life.

When you eat silver coins in a dream, this means that you are going to acquire some possessions. You are a person in continual change who is not pleased with your present condition, although you have more than sufficient for a proper existence. Look for innovative opportunities that enable you to feel secure and widely accepted.

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What does it mean to dream of finding silver coins?

A dream of finding coins and gathering them one after the other is considered to be a reference for concerns. But the situation is expected to end well, perhaps even with some reward for you.

The dream of finding silver coins can often be perceived as a reflection that you may need to resolve some family problems. If you’re dreaming of finding a silver coin, that means you’re judging others and taking decisions hastily.

Dream about finding coins

Dream about finding coins

Dreams of finding coins, either amongst your present belongings or by luck, are correlated with spending cash in ordinary life.

This is probably associated with engaging in activities intended at encouraging those nearest to you, such as acquaintances, family, and loved ones.

A dream about finding coins draws a suggestion to be more careful. If you found tiny coins that look bad, this representation predicts several annoying issues.

The coins were magnificent and significant, this dream does not guarantee prosperity, but you’re going to have some compensations. If you’ve found a bunch of coins, this scenario suggests you’re going to have to make a lot of endeavors to obtain what you want.

Collecting coins in your dream means you’re going to hear about your friend or relative’s marriage as quickly as possible.

Dreaming about encountering coins unexpectedly or finding coins in a dream is a favorable sign suggesting that you are going to be invited to an impressive social gathering shortly.

Other Dream Meanings About Coins

Losing coins

Losing coins that you sheltered or collected inside your home is often connected with minor achievements or blessings, particularly when it comes to business. This signifies that you are supposed to achieve some advancement that will yield useful but temporary compensation. While it may not make you a renowned celebrity, with hard work and perseverance, this modest compensation could be the stepping stone to something monumental.

Gold coins

coins dream meaning

Gold coins symbolize riches, or accumulated wealth, according to dream books interpretations. This is not just an ordinary vision. Presumably, you are chosen by fate, and you expect a lot of pleasant surprises. Gold coins reveal that you must be prepared for vibrant and positive transformations. This dream also symbolizes the commencement of an intriguing adventure.

Copper coins

Dreams concerning coins that appear to be made of copper are often viewed as a sign that you are about to encounter a period of comfort and pleasure. Moreover, this is not anticipated to denote a miracle shift in your situation. Instead, this shift can happen through the contribution of your abilities, which means that if you struggle hard and do good for others, it will allow you to improve and prosper.

Metal coins

Metal coins are generally a symbol of physical risk, such as a shipwreck, plane crash, or car breakdown while traveling

To dream of coins manufactured from materials other than silver and gold, such as copper, steel, etc., seems to denote a disaster-related omen when traveling or away from your home’s protection.

Shiny coins

Seeing, holding, or using notably shiny coins is often viewed as a propitious sign of excellent luck and achievement within the framework of a dream. This specifies that in the activities you are presently engaged in, you are likely to achieve steady advancement and beneficial results. This dream
may be linked to business as well as private issues.

New coins

When seen in a dream, newly, lately issued coins symbolize unexpected economic profits. This implies that you will probably gain some additional cash or other material resources from an uncommon or unexpected person or location.

This dream may be in anticipation of pledging allegiance to a particular cause or for no purpose whatsoever.

Old coins

Having a dream of ancient coins that can be collected, whether you own them or see them somewhere, predicts dealing with tedious and challenging work. These time-consuming activities, such as filling out documents, moving around to different locations, are all expected to be chasing some objective you are working towards at the moment.

Examining or finding old, ancient coins, such as in a museum or secret collection, is often perceived as a sign that you are in or about to reach a period associated with self-reflection and exploration, which means that you gather knowledge and convert it into wisdom.

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Biblical Meaning of Coins in Dreams

In Christianity, seen as a symbol, coins depict human greed, lust, and avarice.

In Christian art and symbolism, coins are often shown to be thirty, representing Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus.

In the Bible, silver is associated with knowledge, redemption, refining, idolatry, or even spiritual adultery. Besides, silver coins point to suggest revelation or knowledge.


A dream about coins, generally speaking, is an excellent indication of riches and prosperity. But perhaps the truth that not every dream can be considered on the positive aspect is worth mentioning. Otherwise, coins don’t always guarantee economic benefits, as you can create a lot of intrigues in the dream as well as in the actual life.

The dream takes on a unique significance and importance, which can be discovered in the dream books, depending on their variety of motives.


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