Dreams About Spiders Explained In Depth

Dreams about spiders can have different meanings. Spiders have been often present in various mythological tales, folklore, and traditions, all throughout human history.

They can represent several different things in our life, depending upon the cultural concept that the interpretations originate from.

A lot of people are aware of the Greek mythological tales about spiders. There are also African folk stories involving these insets, as well as different superstitions from all around the world. In fact, these tales are the inspiration behind the famous fictional superhero, Spiderman.

So what does it mean when you dream about spiders? Read on to find out.

Meaning and Interpretations

Dreaming about Spiders

Spiders represent a lot of things and ideas. Thus, dreaming of spiders can have many different meanings and interpretations. But generally speaking, some of the first associations of spiders are recreation, patience, destiny, endurance, and creativity. There are lots of ancient deities that are associated with spiders since these creatures are also known to be skillful and powerful.

If spiders appear in your dream, this could represent several meanings, depending on what’s coming out of your subconscious mind and taking into consideration the many different situations that you’re currently faced with.

Other things to consider when interpreting your dreams about spiders are the feelings that you may have been unknowingly suppressing. What sort of emotions are you trying to subdue? Is it fear, anxiety, or sorrow?

A spider appearing on your dream can mean good luck or bad luck. Experiences with spiders are a foundation block upon which the dream’s meanings are derived from, but there are also vast differences in how different cultures portray spiders. Mythological spiders in various cultures are depicted both negatively and positively.

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Dreaming about Spiders Attacking You

To dream that you’re being attacked or bitten by a spider could represent conflict. Usually, this conflict involves the female members of your family such as your sister, mother, aunt etc. This could also mean conflict between a female friend, coworker, or boss. If a spider has successfully bitten you in your dream, it could mean that you have been possessed or overpowered by the person that you’re having a conflict with.

dreams about spiders attacking you

The dreams about spiders attacking you without you seeing the spider doing it could mean that you’re trapped in some toxic relationships. If you’ve been bitten in the hand or feet and you’re seeing a lingering wound, take this as a reminder of your conflicting past. Dreaming about spiders chasing you could mean that you want to run away or escape from any female figures in your life that have been dominating or overpowering you.

Dreaming of Spider Webs

If you’re actively seeing a spider weaving a web in your dreams, then take this as a good sign. This could signify that you will soon be rewarded and recognized for all your hard work. Perhaps, you’ll get a promotion at work soon or your boss will recognize your achievement for having accomplished a difficult task.

Dreaming of Spider Webs

If you dream that you’re the spider weaving the web, then that could mean that you’re working on a very difficult project involving different interconnecting pieces.

If you find yourself getting entangled in the spider web in your dreams, this indicates that you’re trapped in a very toxic and clingy relationship.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to remove the spider webs or getting rid of them in your dreams, then this means that you’re trying to get yourself out of some emotional entanglements or a conflict in your life.

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Dreaming about a Giant Spider

If you have dreamed about a big or huge spider, yet, it doesn’t seem harmful or it is non-deadly, then this may be a good sign. This could mean that you have some powerful friends who are hiding in the shadows and can help to fend off your misfortunes. But you need to be able to identify who these friends are. Look both inside and out to find someone who can help you overcome the difficult times.

giant spider dream meaning

However, the giant spider dream meaning may be interpreted differently, especially if the spider is poisonous and deadly, such as the Black Widow. In this case, take this as a precaution because you might soon encounter misfortune in your life. This could mean that dangers are imminent and are lurking in the dark, so beware.

To dream of a giant spider making its way towards you could mean that you’ll soon become successful. However, if the spider ends up biting you, then this could mean that your enemies might take your fortunes away from you.

Dreaming of Killing a Spider

The dream about killing spiders can have many different meanings. This could suggest bad luck or that your future is limited. In general, dreaming about spiders could suggest a very complicated or delicate job that needs to be accomplished.

If in your dream the spider is crawling over you and you’re trying to hit it to kill it, then that could mean that you might encounter some problems that could cause misfortunes and difficulties in your life.

If you were able to successfully kill the spider and squash it, then consider this a good thing. This could mean that some great things will soon come into your life.

The type of spider that you’re trying to kill in your dream could also affect the meaning of such a dream. For instance, if you’re trying to kill a money spider in your dream, then this could mean that you’ll experience a significant improvement in your financial woes soon, which is a good thing.

If your dream involves seeing a dead spider, not knowing whether you killed it or not, then this could imply that you’re about to overcome some strong feminine temptations or dominations over your life.

Spiders on Your Body

spider on your body

If you dream about a spider crawling in some parts of your body, then this may have a powerful feminine symbol. The interpretation of this dream will also depend on which part of your body the spider is crawling. For instance, if the spider came from your ear and is crawling out, then this could mean that you may need to listen more to your feminine side or to some of the most important female figures in your life such as your mother.

If you’re dreaming about a spider coming out of your throat or mouth or you’re trying to eat the spider, this could mean you have full control over a situation. In this case, you’re never afraid to exercise your dominance over a certain relationship. But then, you may need to be able to explain your opinions and thoughts better in order to avoid conflicts.

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Spiritual Meanings of Dreams about Spiders

Dreaming about spiders can be interpreted in many different ways. If interpreted spiritually, your dreams about spiders can have different meanings as well. For instance, if your dream about a spider weaving a new web, this means that we’re at the beginning stages of our spiritual journey. Perhaps, this pertains to a new spiritual step or the start of spiritual growth.

All throughout history, spiders have been revered as messengers of the spirit world and creatures that can help us overcome our fears. They are also linked to the various magical and mystical symbols representing many things, from revealing our steps as we pursue our spiritual journey in life to helping us see the kind of journey that we’re about to partake.

spiritual meaning of spiders in dreams

The spiritual meaning of spiders in dreams is very broad. If you’re dreaming about spider webs, the center of the web is where you will find yourself and the structured levels of the web that are growing outwardly represent your spiritual journey. As the center of the web, it’s you who will either limit yourself or make yourself open to explore your spiritual journey in life and look for your hidden potential by trusting the eternal plan of creation.

If a spider appears in your dream, this usually entails the quiet whispering of illusion, a sudden beam of divine inspiration, or the dark shroud of subdued fears. They can also represent wisdom coming from the interwoven fibers of your past, present, and future spiritual journeys in life.


If you woke up from a dream involving spiders, you could find yourself wondering, what does it mean when you dream about spiders? The best way to interpret your dream is to go about it over again and think of all the details that spun before the dream faded away. Then ask yourself how do you see certain elements involved in the dream and how can you relate it in real life. What are the possible meanings that you can associate the dream with?

Although dreaming about spiders can have different meanings, it’s worth noting that spiders are weavers. They are a reminder that life is a constant pattern of time and space. It’s up to us what to make of our lives and how we plan to weave our own journey.

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