What Does It Mean When You Dreaming About Kittens

Do you love having kittens as your pets? You love them, adore them and pamper them. Now, what would be your feelings while these kittens appear in your dream? The image of these cute creatures can lie in the subconscious level of your mind. However, some of us have questions on dreaming about kittens. The young cats or the kitty cats always reflect your immature and childish nature. You may find the kittens in your dream in different positions and with various activities. Let us help you in interpreting varied types of kitten dreams.

Can The Little Kittens Be A Negative Symbol?

Little kittens stand for hypocritical and insincere people, who may use the weapon of flattery. You have to be careful to avoid any type of betrayal and conspiracy.

Dream of white and black kittens

The white colored kittens are the blends of various symbols- purity, softness and innocence. Their white fur has a relation to positivity and light. However, in different cultures, you will find various interpretations of kittens. However, in most cases, dreaming of white kittens means something good and positive in life. As they are lucky signs, you will feel that you are going to keep away from your burdens.

However, while we dream of black kittens, most of us feel a discomfort. It also symbolizes your tendency of focusing on the trivial things in your life. The black kitten dreams result in a disturbing and distressing feeling.

Grey kittens also appear in our dream, and they are the symbolic representation of minor troubles and disappointments. You may apply more efforts to be organized in life. 

Dream of saving cats from danger

what does it mean when you dream about kittens

The attempt of saving kittens represent the chance of losing assets or job. While you are successful in saving the kittens in your dream, it is a positive sign. It reveals the stability in finance.

Kittens, drowning in water – What does this dream mean?

The dream about kittens drowning is one of the dreams to us. The kittens or cats symbolize the self-reliability and water has a relation to emotion. This dream reflects your own sense of independence, suffocated with anything or any person. 

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Are the kittens in your dream fluffy?

Kittens are always fluffy and cuddly, and thus, you may dream of fluffy kittens at night. These fluffy creatures have a relation to the symbol of efforts. However, the kittens in your dream may be aggressive or calm. These aggressive kittens, found in your dream, represent that you could be stronger in the near future. Thus, these kittens have a relation to your temperament. 

Dying kittens in your dream

The dream of kittens dying has a negative meaning. Check out whether you are neutral or feeling sad to the sight of dying kittens. Some dream dictionaries have connected these dying kitten dreams to the odd social events. While you are feeling fear after dreaming of these dying kittens, you have to be ready to manage the issues in your life. However, the dream of seeing kittens, drowned indicates the necessity of growth in life. Thus, there can be positive and negative interpretations of this dream.

Dream of kittens meowing

In various cultures, there is a belief that meowing cats are the omen of bad news. Thus, the meowing kittens dream can be a negative sign. You have a chance of facing minor troubles and distresses. People, surrounding you can be the source of these troubles. Your burden of duties in life may also be the reason of issues. 

Dream of kittens with their mom

kitten dream meaning

This dream is interpretable in different ways. While you have a good feel for the dream, it reflects your own intention of having protection from your parents, spouse, friends and other dear ones.

There is a negative interpretation of this dream. It symbolizes someone’s attempt for controlling your life, and you are feeling a pressure for it. 

Kittens dream with their mom also signifies you sensation of getting controlled by other intimate persons. In that case, you must strive to control your decisions for helping yourself. 

Dream about kittens attacking me- What does it symbolize?

The small kittens have attacked you in your dream, and it represents the need of rethinking of your present relationship. It also indicates that your partner has not fulfilled your desires. 

Some of us dream of chasing kittens, and it also represents a negative meaning. You have to be ready to face problems in your path of success. 

Dream about fighting kittens

Have you ever seen the small kittens, fighting with each other? You may also visualize this scene in your dream, and it indicates your inner conflicts. However, you do not know the way of solving these conflicts. You may strive to make a balance of everything in your life. 

Dream of holding kitties in hands

As we love cuddling the kittens, it is common to us to hold the small creatures in our dream. This dream signifies the fulfillment of your wish and your achievement in every aspect of life. You would have the opportunity to overcome the difficulties in life.

Dirty kittens in your dream

The pet kitties may be attractive and shiny. However, you may dream of dirty kittens, having parasites and fleas. The fleas are always the symbol of negativity. Thus, while you have seen the dirty kittens in your dream, you have to be ready to deal with the unpredictable problems in the future. 

Dream of abandoned kittens

Dreams About Kittens

Dream of kittens being abandoned is a sign of your own fears in the real life. It also reflects your depression. The fear may be the loss of assets and your dear ones. 

In Conclusion

Now, let us find a conclusion on the dream about kittens. From analysis of various types of dreams, we can say that kitten dreams may be about vulnerability or gentleness. However, universally, the kittens symbolize innocence and tenderness. Thus, the kitten dreams could represent your positive and good emotions.

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