Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Babies

Babies and infants signify birth, the beginning of a new life, innocent and hope. They bring us great joy and happiness in our lives, but what does it mean to dream about them, and most importantly what is the biblical meaning of dreams about babies?

To analyze this endearing dream, we must take into consideration different details that might have surrounded the figure of the baby or the way they acted. This dream will usually carry positive connotations, but there is always the possibility that a warning might accompany the cuteness of the babies.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Babies

Children and babies are mentioned repeatedly in the bible and for good reason. They are the symbol of a new generation, hope for the future, renewal, and innocence. They have not yet experienced corruption or the sins of men, and bring joy to the households they are brought into.

The easiest and most straightforward biblical meaning of dreams about babies is that something new is about to enter your life. You might begin a new phase, a new job, a new relationship and this will not only bring you happiness but lead you into a better path in life.

Babies are, most of the time, a good sign if you dream about them, and promises of a better tomorrow. They also symbolize innocence and purity, but don’t be mistaken: Dreaming about babies can also convey a negative meaning.

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Dreaming of A Newborn Baby

Dreaming of A Newborn Baby

This is a great dream to have! This means that your home will soon be filled with peace, harmony, and happiness. If you live alone, you’ll find joy in the calm and freedom you experience on a daily basis, and if you live with your family, you will enjoy a period of great love, with everyone getting along well.

You may also want to begin being a bit more patient and tolerant with those who enter your home, as it will help you improve your kindness and empathy towards others, traits that a newborn baby helps you develop.

Dreaming of A Baby Crying

The biblical meaning of dreams about babies crying is deeply related to a need to be noticed. You might endure a feeling of invisibility during your daily life: Perhaps you feel like people don’t really recognize your efforts or your talents. This is a sign that you should try and stand your own ground, making your work noticeable to others and asking for the recognition you deserve.

A baby crying immediately gathers the attention of those around you and your unconscious mind might be trying to convey that you require others to finally notice you, even if you are not aware of this need in your daily life.

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Looking at A Baby in Your Dreams, and Interacting with Them

If you look at a baby during your dream and they coo at you or smile, then this is a great sign. This means that you will experience a prolonged period of great happiness and satisfaction both in your personal and professional life. This is also a sign that you should not give up on your dreams and keep trying harder: After all, the new life of a baby in your dream might be hinting at the new life you will soon be experiencing when your goals become a reality.

If you dream about kissing and hugging a baby, then this is a sign that you should finally dare speak your feelings to that special someone. If you are single, then this means you would be wise to finally ask them out on a date: It’s very likely they will say yes!

If you are already dating someone or married, then you will experience a rebirth in your relationship and enjoy a renewal of your love for them. Perhaps take advantage of this great time to go on a trip together, or even take the next step in your relationship, be it moving in together, getting engaged or even having a baby of your own!

Seeing A Baby Laughing

Seeing A Baby Laughing

Hearing a baby laughing in your dreams is a great omen: You will soon be experiencing a time of great prosperity, and probably receive positive news you have been hoping for. Babies’ laughter fills people’s hearts with happiness, and so it’s no wonder that a dream featuring them will bring you such good luck.

If you were waiting to get a new promotion, a raise, or move into your dream house, then it probably will work out for you!

You will most likely be greatly and pleasantly surprised by the news, so enjoy your time in the sun!

Seeing A Premature Baby

If you hold or see a prematurely born baby in your dream, then this means you might be feeling powerless and important about a situation in your life. You might be unable to get a new job, find the right home for you or even have been rejected by the person you fancied.

Whatever the case, you are feeling weak and powerless, like the world has taken over the wheel and pushed you aside. It’s time to regain your confidence and try to look at the future with a more positive outlook, as the strength you need to move on is within you: You just need to work hard and let it move to the surface.

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Forgetting about A Baby

If you forget about a baby in your dream, then this means you are longing to have someone in your life you can count on, but feel like you don’t currently have anyone to rely on.

You may even be feeling lonely and blue, even if you are surrounded by people daily. It would be a good idea to talk to those you love and that are close to you and let them know you need their help and support: You might be pleasantly surprised by their reaction!

Perhaps you are still feeling guilty about something you did in the past, but this dream is trying to tell you that it’s time to let go and stop searching for a guilty person for this situation: If you keep clinging to the past, you will never be able to move on.

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