ANGEL NUMBER 321 – Meaning and Symbolism

Are you seeing the angel number 321 everywhere you go? On the sidewalks? On the television? In the newspaper? This isn’t happening to everybody, but only to you. Do not be afraid that you are stalked by a particular number. It is just a sign from your guardian angels to step it up and move yourself into a better life.

The guardian angels know what is going on in your life and by showing you this number they are trying to make your life better. How you may ask? Well, firstly by understanding the meaning of the number and then implementing these following changes in your life.

A thousand thoughts might be running through your head right now. We totally get it. You may not even believe in what you are reading so far. But it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. You could thank us later.

Meaning of The Angel Number 321

Meaning of The Angel Number 321

Have you been finding it tough lately in proving yourself ? The guardian angels have been seeing you and haven’t abandoned you. Numbers are the most common way angels choose to communicate with people.

It is very difficult for angels to directly communicate with us as we do not have the ability to sense them or feel them which is why through numbers they nudge us to notice the signs in this physical world we live in. They want to see you be better and make you realize how you can change your life.

The number 321 is a perfect blend of positive energies. It signifies expansion, growth, moving forward, confidence, determination, leadership and much more. This angel number pushes you and encourages you to fulfil your heart’s desires. Through this number, the guardian angels are urging you to have faith in your abilities to succeed.

Looking at the first significance of the number which is expansion. What is stopping you from this? Look back and you’ll find the answer. If it is fear that you may fail and that’s why you are stuck. Then my friend, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. You need to be prepared to fall and get up yet again. That is how you win and motivate yourself.

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Growth is very important to succeed. Only if you grow, you shall bloom. Take a look at nature, the best example. When a tree grows, it provides shade to  people and animals. You are that tree. Only if you grow, can you change yourself and blossom into something more, something the world looks up to as an example. 

Moving forward is necessary as if you are stuck, nothing is going to change. You are just running out of time. So move forward and you’ll be surprised what the world has to offer and you offer to the world.

Life has its ups and downs. If life was a walk in a park, then life wouldn’t be called life. And that is why many people give up too soon. Being confident and determined are very important. You may ask Why? People do make mistakes, but that is how they learn and improvise. Do not be scared if you don’t get it right the first time, try again, Try until you get it right. Do not lose confidence and always be determined.

The last meaning or quality this angel number carries is leadership. Only when you follow and achieve the last few qualities, you can be a leader. Leaders aren’t born, they are created  through hard work, confidence, determination and hope.

Angel Number 321 & Symbolism

The angel number 321 stands as a motivator for you. It does encourage you to start fresh, start doing things that you love. The guardian angels want to see you happy and not you trying to sacrifice your happiness for others. As we discussed earlier, 321 is a blend of positive energies. It symbolizes optimism and looking on the brighter side of life.

Life is never perfect and smooth. We all know that. But what we do not know is how to overcome things or incidents that keep us from being successful and well. The guardian angels are trying to make you realize, fill your life with so much positivity that you do not have time to ruin your head with negativity.

Angel Number 321 & Numerology

The number 3 indicates growth, progress, freedom and also focusing on adventure. The second number which is 2 indicates harmony, trust, selflessness, teamwork and relationships. While the last number which is 1 signifies ambition, moving forward, leadership, determination, confidence, intuition and trusting your own instinct.

Once you had the numbers individually, i.e 3+2+1. You get 6. This particular number is linked to prosperity. 6 in numerology is often considered a lover. Which is a very good sign. You might be already smiling while reading this

When you take a closer look at all the numbers, when put together, you’ll see that that’s all you need to have a happy and a successful life. From the attributes of all the 3 numbers and the sum of it. This angel number is the formula of life.

Angel Number 321 & Love

angel number of love

Why don’t we take this time to discuss one of the greatest love stories out there. Romeo and Juliet. Back then society wasn’t so accepting as they are today, but nevertheless that did not stop Romeo and Juliet from loving each other. Coming back to the angel number 321. This particular angel number encourages you to give your best when it comes to relationships and family.

The guardian angels want you to love selflessly. As only when you love selflessly, you’ll experience what loving truly is.

For those who are single and yet to come across true love. Fear not. Interesting and new things are heading your way. Just be patient and let the guardian angels do their work. You are about to experience the busy phase of your life where you are going to come across many many people or shall we say potential matches.

As of now, at the moment just remember, what the guardian angels are telling you. Selfless love is the key.

Angel Number 321 & Spirituality

Talking about spirituality, the number 321 suggests that the first step to spirituality is self love. Yes this number talks about self love a lot. Even if you look at all the Holy books, you will see that all of them speak of self love.

Even the religious leaders in all their messages talk about self love. It is as simple as it sounds, the more you give, the more you get. That is the simple nature of how self love works and delivers.

You do not need to be holy or go to your place of worship twice a day to be spiritual. The guardian angels just ask you to do one thing, and that is you guessed it. Self love. A simple thing which is yet so tough to put it to practice. It is tough no doubt about it, but it is not impossible. It can be achieved. You can achieve it.

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What Steps To Be Taken When You See This Angel Number 321?

Don’t run or ignore it. Take the signs seriously and implement those hidden signs and work on them. The angels care for you and that is you are seeing all of it. The downward sequence of the number 321 is a sign that the angels are worried about you.

They know that you are not appreciating the greatest gift that has been given to you. Life is the greatest gift that can be given to anyone. Appreciate this gift and develop yourself.

what steps to be taken when you see this angel number 321

Make That Change

The angels give you the signs but only you can implement those signs and change yourself. Make that change, do not hold back in doubt. Sometimes changes can backfire. But if you are changing to better yourself, then it is always a good thing.

Look at yourself and your ways. Reflect and realize what is making your life go down south. Once you recognise this, there is no one stopping you.

Lead Through

Every leader has fallen, failed, been ignored and made fun of. There is not even a single person who has not fallen, failed and been ignored. It is all part of the process of leadership. For only when you have gone and experienced all of this, you will know what it feels like and as a leader you will have to know this.

People will come up to you and ask you for your leadership. Do not be alarmed or panic, trust your instincts and lead. Your instincts can never be wrong and is and will always be your best friend.

Be Determined

The guardian angels are not asking you to be a hero and fight crime. But have the determination of a hero. Whether it is spiderman or captain america or even iron man, they sure had their own special abilities.

But what made them heroes weren’t their special abilities and powers, it was their determination. They are fictional but their determination is worth speaking of. The guardian angels are saying never ever lose your determination no matter what life throws at you.

Rise Above All

The guardian angels want you to realize just one thing when you fall. Don’t stay down. Rise above it. The last step which is determination, if you have that and your determination is strong, nothing will ever stop you from achieving what you want.

Final Thoughts On Angel Number 321

This angel number reminds you to always be grateful in life. In other words, this is the number of gratitude. Once you have taken the messages and signs seriously, you will have the assurance of a much more productive and blissful life.

People in this world are just waiting for something to happen in a glimpse of a second, something good and something that would put a smile on their faces. We can’t wait for things to happen, we need to make things happen. As you read earlier, Make that change.

While you make that change, lead and enjoy life, please do take time to enjoy the little things in life as well. Have fun with your loved and dear ones. Make every second out and not waste it, as life is too short to cry and worry.

There will be days in your life where you feel down, beaten up and be in search of hope when it is most needed. No matter how deep you get buried with the negativity or how lost you feel, the guardian angels ask you to hold on and never lose hope. As when you have hope, you have determination. You must keep the hope alive, you have to be greater than what you suffer.

The future is and should be bright. We may seem immortal, but life is beautiful not because it lasts forever, but because it gives us a chance to be the best we can be and be remembered for it.

So using these signs that are given by the angels, use it to the best of your abilities and be remembered for something good. Make your life count for something.Fight for what matters to you, no matter what. And once you achieve it, what better way is there to live.

That concludes this article on angel number 321. The guardian angels are always with you, you may not sense their presence but can always see and notice the signs from them.

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