ANGEL NUMBER 131 – Meaning and Symbolism

Numbers work in the same way as a human DNA. They carry information different DNA, different numbers, different information.

Therefore, angels choose numbers to send you specific messages about your life. You can decode it’s meaning, implement their advices to the challenges you are facing in that particular time of your life.

Stay tuned to decode the meaning of angel number 131, it’s connection with spirituality and what it means for your love life.

Meaning of Angel Number 131

Meaning of Angel Number 131

Any angel number that starts with 1 is always a new beginning or a call to action. This particular angel number is an awakening to hold the steering wheel of this ride called the life. It reminds you that you are the greater power, the controller and the director.

So if you feel like something in your life is not going the way you want it to, then you are the one who has to make the necessary changes and no one else has the power or control to do it for you.

At times when you feel hopeless about the situation and you feel like you have nowhere to go, the angel number 131 comes to your rescue. It reassures you with a message that you haven’t lost it all. There is still time, there is still hope.

All you need to do is analyse the circumstance you are in and you’ll soon realize that the very things or bonds that are holding you back in this hopeless situation aren’t really that strong to hold you there for life. You just need to push yourself a little to break free and thus move forward.

While all this sounds hunky dory, you should take care of a few things while you are breaking free and moving forward into the life you want to create for yourself,

  • Express yourself in a genuine way
  • Show your true self and don’t put up a false show
  • Be honest with people you interact with so they can come true when you need them
  • Don’t make promises in haste that you won’t be able to fulfil later

Angel Number 131 In Numerology

When you closely look at the formation of the angel number 131, you will find that it places 3 at the centre. Therefore, the number 3 takes the centre stage in its meaning.

The number 3 stands for the ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and in a way that is best understood by others around you. It could be communicating anything, your personality, your dreams or your intentions.

The angel number 131 appears in your life when you need to work on the way you communicate with people around you. Maybe they are holding onto a false impression of you that’s far from the truth or maybe you are not able to understand something that the other person is trying to communicate to you. Either way, this angel number drops in front of you to urge you to resolve all these communication issues.

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In a nutshell, the significance of number 3 is to present your thoughts and your intentions in a clearer way so you do not get misunderstood, which you are getting, according to this angel number.

Further, the number 3 is surrounded by the two 1s. As reiterated above, the number 1 is usually a call to action, a signal to take control of your life. Harnessing on that philosophy, the pair of 1s in this angel numbers shows you a path of self-determination.

angel number 131 in numerology

They signal you towards the limitless power that you have within you. The power to shape your own life through the actions you take and the decisions you make.

From the numerological viewpoint, the angel number 131 when added up, gives rise to the number 5. The number 5 is linked to the idea of freeing oneself. Being independent of your thoughts and actions.

Therefore, when this angel number appears, it is a nudge to break free from the shackles that are holding you back from creating your own truth. These could be shackles that the society has chained you in or it could be something that you have chained yourself in, due to fear of failing or losing something precious. Either way it’s time to break away from such restraints, feel independent and work towards your dreams with more confidence.

In conclusion, all these numbers – 1, 3 and 5 announces that its your time. Take the necessary actions and make that dream come true.

Further, it also suggests that in order to make this happen you will have to break away from certain constraints that are currently holding you back. This can be done through effective communication.

Unless you don’t explain your stand clearly, you cannot expect healthy understanding from other people in your life. If you do so, you will get disappointed by this approach.

You will have to clearly outline what your dreams are, what you wish to do in life and what are your plans to make it happen. Only then, you will be able to establish an effective mode of communication with the people in your life and take positive actions towards your goals.

Angel Number 131 & Love

As mentioned earlier, an important aspect of the number 131 talks about effective communication. While we emphasize on communicating your thoughts effectively, you need to understand that communication is a two-way street. That’s what it means for love.

When it comes to the matters of love, the angel number 131 is suggesting you that you need to work upon improving the communication aspect of your relationships and the rest will fall in it’s place. What this means is, you need to start by listening to others and not just focus on what you are willing to communicate.

angel number 131 and love

Understand the reason behind what the other person is trying to say even if it means something completely different to what you were expecting it to be. Avoid playing guessing games in your relationship. Don’t keep the other person guessing about your feelings. Communicate both ways and communicate it well.

Apart from that, if you and your partner have an elephant in the room that needs to be brought out and discussed, the angel number suggests that this is the right time to do it. Also, you should be the one taking the lead for this.

It will be futile to just wait around for the right moment because that favourable situation when you can discuss this openly, will never come. So, get going and discuss, before it’s too late.

Angel Number 131 & Spirituality

In a spiritual sense, the angel number 131 warns you against the thoughts that are holding you back and hindering your growth. Maybe you are limiting yourself to one particular field of study or work when in fact you should explore into wider horizons. Because it is imperative that you have that experience for the next step in your growth.

We get it that you might be afraid. There is definitely a strong sense of fear in trying out something new and it exists in all of us. The angel number 131 is here to assure you that venturing into something new does not mean that you have to leave something precious behind.

You can still keep your current beliefs and perspectives; the idea is to add so much experience that you start seeing your perspectives and belief in a new light. That’s what will trigger your growth!

What To Do When You See Angel Number 131?

Create Your Own Destiny

This angel number urges you to work towards creating the life you want to live, even if you feel you are not lucky enough. Luck is an often-debated topic and a powerful one at that. We see people rise to stardom overnight and we totally fall in the trap of believing it was luck that favoured them.

However, the truth of the matter is that luck never shines through by chance, in one particular moment. It’s the years of struggle, the heaps of sacrifices and the tireless dedication we don’t see that brought them closer to that one moment of shining luck.

There’s luck on the surface, there’s battle beneath it.

The angel number 131 asks you to dig the surface and put in the required hard work. Dedicate yourself to the one goal you passionately care about and watch luck rise to the occasion. The number also gives a sign that luck is created when we put in the work and be out there, for the world to notice.

Get Rid of The Mental Blocks

When you are not able to start writing the book or get stuck with that business idea you always had in mind, it’s your mental fear at play.

Very often in life we let our fears do the talking and make decisions for us. Angel number 131 warns against this habit. It tells you that if you sit and analyse why you are not getting started on your dream project, we will realize that it is nothing but an embedded fear within you.

It’s not about the investment, the money, the tools or the equipment you need, all these external factors are never the reason. The reason to not getting started is more mental than external. It’s your own insecurity, it’s your own fear.

It’s time to break free from those mental barriers and speak a few positive things to yourself, you never know what might develop from your small project, from your rough draft, from your tiny business.

what to do when you see angel number 131

Get Out of Your Own Head

Our mind is a chaotic, complex and a crazy place. A lot of times our mind is responsible for all the unfavourable things happening in our life.

We have an image of ourselves in our mind and most of the times that image may not align with how other people see us. That’s where the problem starts. Maybe you think of yourself as a great team player but others in your team may not like your habits or how you do certain things.

Maybe you feel you are giving 100% to the relationship you are in and you both are in a great place, but your partner feels that you are not as romantic as they wanted you to be. However, it may not always be a negative. It can be possible you think you are not that interesting to talk to, but other people have a great time talking to you.

Hence, the angel number 131 emphasizes so heavily on the importance of communication in life. It asks you to steer clear of the guessing game be as direct and honest as possible. This prevents people from misunderstanding you and aligning their image of you with the image you have in your head.

Be Ready To Take Risks

The most common reason why so less people have been successful in achieving their dreams is the fact that so less people have the courage to take risks.

While others have clouded their minds with fears, these risk-takers have gotten on that one thing on their mind and made hay while the sun was still shining.

Like we said earlier, the layers beneath luck and success also consists of heaps of sacrifices and we shouldn’t shy away from making a few small sacrifices along the way of achieving something bigger in life.

However, the angel number doesn’t ask you to go extreme and give up everything that you have in life right now. The angels only mean that you should be ready to let go of a few things that are holding you back to make place for new things to enter.

Even if your sacrifices don’t turn fruitful, you will gain some valuable experiences out of it that you can always fall back on in times of need.

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Final Thoughts On Angel Number 131

In conclusion, here are a few things that the angel number 131 signifies and wants you to pay attention to,

  • Gives you a call and wakes you up to action.
  • Create the life you want to live every single day of your life.
  • Break free from the things, bonds and people that are holding you back.
  • Establish effective communication.
  • Be clear, direct and straightforward with what you want in life.

Break away from bonds you think are unbreakable, put in the hard work and manifest your own reality.

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