ANGEL NUMBER 155 – Meaning and Symbolism

Do you keep seeing a particular number everywhere and it scares you like nothing else? Do you feel worried that a number has overtaken your life? If that’s the case, here’s some relief for you. Even if you are not hallucinating, and these numbers are in fact real, there’s nothing to be scared about.

You don’t need to get scared, you don’t need to be worried and you don’t need to be frightened too because seeing these specific patterns of numbers is actually a good sign for the progression of your life.

It is a sign that the universe is trying to communicate to you and if you are currently struggling, then help is on the way. These numbers are a form of secret message from your guardian angels. It’s their way of showing that they care for you and they support you in this journey of life.

You may ignore the number once, you may ignore the number twice, but the angels will keep showing you the number until you start searching for its meaning. The message that the angels want to convey is hidden inside the numerological, the spiritual and the symbolic meaning of these numbers.

In this guide, you will find out the meaning of angel number 155, its numerological meaning, its symbolic meaning, its spiritual meaning and its connection to your love life. That’s not all, this guide also highlights a few ways in which you can work towards the advice that this message gives to better your life and reach towards your goals.

Meaning of Angel Number 155

angel number 155 meaning

The angel number 155 gives you a hint that all the hard work and all the efforts you have put in all this while is going to result into success. This angel number carries a power within it to push your destiny towards the path of success.

Seeing this particular number everywhere also goes to mean that some changes are about to take place and these changes are not negative ones. They are the ones who are going to work in your favour.

The message of this number is specially amplified when you have been working too hard for a very long time without seeing any positively significant result. Its significance increases even more when you have been trying hard and waiting for success for too long. Hence, when you see this number it calls for a celebration because good news is on the way.

The angel number 155 shows you towards your upcoming achievements that are nothing but the result of your own hard work. Moreover, this angel number not only celebrates and appreciates your current hard work but it also inspires you and pushes you towards future efforts.

The power of this angel number lies in this push that it gives you towards your success.

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Numerological Meaning of The Angel Number 155

Angel number 155 is a powerful blend of individual numbers 1 and 5. Therefore, if you want to understand the complete meaning of this angel number you first need to understand the individual meanings of these single digit numbers as these individual messages are the ones that shape up the message of the entire angel number 155.

For Fresh Starts & New Beginnings – Number 1

In any angel number, the number one always represents a venture into something new. It marks a new change in your life, not a minor change but a major one.

It also represents the strength that you have in yourself to create, build and shape your own reality with the help of your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Hence the number one also talks about keeping a positive mind because that’s what is going to result in a positive life.

Welcome Change – Number 5

Since the number 5 appears twice in this angel number the message that it carries is automatically amplified and intensified in its meaning.

The number 5 talks about something similar to the lines of number one in respect to the changes you are going to expect in your life. Essentially, this number signifies a major life change that is going to come in your life.

When you see the number 5, it means that you need to make some serious choices that will change your life. These choices will be the one that will be responsible for the major change that is about to come.

If you are thinking whether you should make the change you should not, close your eyes and remember that the number has appeared in your life to help you understand that you need to initiate this change

Have Trust In Yourself – Number 155

trust in yourself

The complete message of the angel number 155 is to trust in yourself. It urges you to look into your heart whenever you are in a situation where you need to make a tough, life-changing decision.

Do not let anyone else influence the decision that you are about to take, just follow your own intuition and your own guts and let them guide you in the right direction. Whenever you are in doubt, just listen to your heart because your heart knows exactly what you want and exactly what is good for you.

No other person can truly understand what you really want so to make your choices according to what will fulfill your heart’s desire and what will make your soul happy.

On a slightly different note, the angel number 155 also talks about some major changes that are about to take place in your life. The thought of these changes could be intimidating at first because every change comes with some level of pushing out of the comfort zone and no one is literally ready for that.

Normally it takes some time for each individual to get used to the new change that has come in their life. The feeling is perfectly normal, and the angels are in fact pushing you towards abandoning the fear that is cloud in your head and instead embracing the change.

The angels want you to not be scared and accept the changes in a positive mind set because the changes are ultimately going to work in your favor, and they are good for you.

The angels are also encouraging you to take charge of your own life because no one is going to do that for you. Angels want you to understand that your goals and your dreams are yours alone. They are pushing you towards achieving them.

If you are feeling scared and doubtful about succeeding, then the angels want you to know that you should not be worried about the result of your actions. The fear of the unknown is the worst fear to allow your mind to get trapped into.

It will make you stagnant before you even know it. Instead, just keep putting in the work and doing everything in the right way and the rest will follow.

Always remember that your thoughts are capable of turning into reality so always keep a positive mind set no matter what the situation you’re in. Do not allow negativity to creep in and to turn your situation negative.

Spiritual Meaning of The Angel Number 155

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the angel number 155, you first need to reduce it down to one single karmic number. In this case the number 155 gets added into 1 + 5 + 5 which gives us the number 11. The number 11 is the number of karmic awakening.

Awakening your karmic senses and embracing the Karma teachings will pull you out of the constant cycles of struggle and free you from the fear of making any progress because you are scared of the unknown.

The karmic number 11 says that this is the best time to start anything new in your life, may be a new career or maybe a new step into your love life or maybe a step towards a new spiritual journey. It could be anything, but it has to be something new.

The number emphasizes so much on a new journey is because seeing the number 155 everywhere means that your new journey will result in a rewarding one and your angels do not want you to lose on this opportunity.

Even if you are scared to take the first step, just think about your first step or just plan it out or just dream about it. Little goes a long way. Find the resources, find the things that you need to work on your change and will soon be on the path of embracing the new change without any fear.

The angel number 155 is giving you a clear and a bold sign that positive change is coming your way. All you need to do is take control of your life and enjoy things without any fear.

You also need to stop resisting the change that is coming into your life, in fact you need to start embracing the change because the change is in your favor. It is going to bring good things to you. The angels are assuring you that just keep working hard and keep a positive mind set and things will go your way.

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Significance of Angel Number 155

significance of angel number 155

Although there are a lot of other significance of the angel number 155, the most significant one is to embrace change in whatever situation it arrives to you. While some people are scared of the idea of change, the angels are assuring you of their support.

They want you to move out of your comfort zone and step into the battlefield. They want you to take leaps, they want you to hustle and, in the end, they want to see you succeed.

Angels are also giving you a fair warning that you may fail, that’s inevitable. But you need to give it a try at least. You need to jump to the forefront and put in all the effort you possibly can in giving your best. In moments of despair, you can always turn to the angels for guidance.

Angel Number 155 Meaning In Love

More than the spiritual and numerological aspects of the angel number, every person is more concerned about what the message is for your love life. It’s totally normal to feel that way because love forms a major part of our lives.

However, the angel number 155 doesn’t say much about love in particular. It doesn’t hold that much of significance in your love life as it does in other parts of your life.

The angel number 155 brings a message that from here, you’ll be chasing your dreams and embracing new change due to which you’ll lose interest in the matters of love and romance.

You’ll find yourself moving away from your partner and moving closer to your achievements. You’ll feel yourself being pulled towards your career which also means you’ll be pulled apart from love.

What Steps To Take When You See The Angel Number 155?

Your Payoff Is Near

The angel number 155 is a reminder that all the hard work and all the efforts you have put in all this while is soon going to be paid off. All those late nights and early mornings are going to show results in a big way. Your rewards are on the way. You will soon witness a great achievement in your life.

You have slogged so hard all these years without seeing much change. It’s quite normal in everyone’s lives, results take time to show. But the situation is going to turn around soon.

All you need to do is have faith. Have faith and persevere with the best of your efforts. Be passionate about the things you have been working on and be consistent with your actions. The universe will reward your efforts real soon.

seeing the angel number 155

Relax & Treat Yourself

Since you are going to be rewarded soon, the angel number 155 wants you to break free from the struggles of hard work and give yourself a much-needed treat. This treat can be anything from a celebration to a relaxing vacation, just go ahead and break yourself off from the hard work.

This little treat can work as a further motivation for you since you will be all refreshed and rejuvenated. You can come back with renewed energy and harder inspiration to chase your goals.

Go On A Cut-Off Spree 

At the time you see the angel number 155, you are being warned against negativity. It could be coming from anything, people, ideas, beliefs or situations. You are being asked to leave no room for those in your life.

The spirit angels are encouraging you to cut off anything and everything that becomes an obstacle on the road to achieving your goals. Your goal should hold the highest priority in your life and you should give it your undivided attention and unending commitment.

You also need to expand your horizons and welcome positivity in your life. You need to surround yourself with people who are only positive in their mindset, but they also genuinely care for you. These people will uplift you and motivate you in bad times.

Lastly, have no room for negativity in your life. Cut off people with toxic behavior and make no space for negative thoughts in your mind. Whenever you feel like something is preventing you from reaching your goals, don’t think twice before cutting the cord.

Shift Your Perspective

You need to understand that nothing worthwhile comes easy in life. Whenever you feel hopeless, just take a look at how far you have reached and don’t stop believing in yourself.

You have got everything that you need to achieve your goals, never forget that. Also don’t let your focus waver even if you face a major setback because as the angel number 155 signifies you are in for a highly favorable reward.

Understand The Reason Behind Change

As mentioned earlier, the angel number 155 signals towards a major change in life. Whenever you hear or read the change, it automatically sends a sense of fear down your spine. Because changes are not easy.

Change is uncomfortable for anyone. It needs adjustments and a whole lot of moving out of your comfort zone which literally no one is ready for.

However, the angel number 155 assures you that the upcoming change is arriving for your betterment. The change is important for you to grow. In order to become a person capable of achieving his goals, you need to accept these changes.

Unless you don’t embrace change and do things differently, you won’t see different results. You will have to attempt things in a different way to see different results.

If you are thinking what are these things that need to be changed, look inside you. Analyze your inner self and identify the habits and behavior that’s pulling you back. These are the exact habits and behavior that stop you from growing in life. These are the ones you should immediately change.

Also, do not become too comfortable with your present situation. Do not be satisfied with where you are right now in life. You should always goal for something bigger and something better in life.

Final Thoughts On Angel Number 155

As normal human beings, it’s very easy for us to start thinking negatively even if a small negative thing happens. So, it’s normal to get alerted when you start seeing a particular sequence of numbers everywhere. You might think it’s a sign of danger and your fate is doomed.

However, that’s not actually the case with angel numbers. Angel numbers are essential messages from our spirit angels that don’t necessarily mean danger. They can mean anything ranging from a suggestion, appreciation, good news, bad news or just about anything.

The message that the angel number 155 carries is that you need to stay positive in order to receive positive things in return. It also talks about hard work, efforts, inspiration, celebrations, goals and success.

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