ANGEL NUMBER 1144 – Meaning and Symbolism

In this article we reveal the true, spiritual meaning behind the occurrence of the angel number 1144 by your guardian angels. Our guardian angels form a protective layer around us. They exist around to protect us, inspire us and guide us.

They are your team on the other side working with you to make things happen. They do so in forms of cryptic numbers that we know as the “angel numbers”. Due to the hustle bustle of our daily lives, we may notice but eventually ignore the occurrence of these numbers.

These numbers are actually signs from our spirit angels who’s trying to communicate a certain message to us that’s going to guide us through life.

Just pay attention to, and accept the angelic messages from your guardian angels, and act upon it. Success will be yours.

Read on to find out what specific numerological meaning 1144 number carries and what steps to take when you see one.

Meaning of Angel Number 1144

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You may be glad to know that your angel number 1144 forms a lethal combination of two extremely powerful numbers – 1 and 4. The message that the angel number 1144 conveys comes from a blend of these two numbers.  Both of these forceful numbers appear twice in your angel number which goes to mean that the power of the message is doubly magnified.

Starting from number 1, it signifies a call to new beginnings, fresh starts, new opportunities, new adventures, and new explorations.

When you see this number repeatedly, it is a sign from the angels that you are about to open the new chapter of your life and you should not by any means ignore it.

Number 1 also encourages us to step it up, get out of our comfort zone, look ahead and work tirelessly towards whatever you seek. It’s your guardian angel’s way of telling you not to be afraid, and to go ahead and adopt a positive attitude towards beginning new life adventures.

It may be possible that you are faced with a new choice at that point in life and you are afraid to take it up or you are unsure whether or not to take. By sending you this number repeatedly, your guardian angel is encouraging you to grab that new opportunity.

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But how would one grab it? That brings us to the second significant number inside your message. The number “4”.

The number 4 is associated with hard work and the effort you put into your work to achieve your goals and dreams.

Confused? Don’t be. In the simplest sense, when you combine these two numbers it basically means that when you feel like your life is going to change, you need to work hard and just go for it, and not to get scared or be reluctant towards such changes.

Oftentimes, we are scared to take that huge plunge and we lose hope, it is exactly at that point your guardian angels send you this angel number to signal you to keep trying.

Angel Number 1144 – Significance & Interpretation

Angel Number 1144 – Significance & Interpretation

The angel number 1144 is a spiritual mingle of the vibrations and attributes of the two already powerful numbers, 1 (which emerges twice, doubling its influences) and the number, 4 (also emerging twice, doubling and making an impact with its energies). 

Number 1 stands for new beginnings, ambitious ventures, tenacity, self-belief and assertiveness. Number 1 also drives us to believe that we ourselves create our realities with what we believe in, what we think of and what we do, and due to those three aspects we are able to get out of our comfort zone and look forward to achieving and striving for it.

Number 4 brings its vibrational energies of hard work and will. It pilots you to giving your best when it comes to accomplishing goals, feasibility and will power. The remaining numbers 1’s appearing together form the master number 11.

The so-called Karmic master number 11 closely connects to the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, a higher positive energy, inventiveness and learning, master number 11 suggests connection with your higher self and to live a more divine life.

Spiritual Meaning of 1144

Now let’s get a little spiritual, shall we?

With these angel number references your spirit angels are sending positive energy towards you. They are sending you more power, and not just that, they are also giving you information for your next steps.

The angel number 1144 explains and motivates you to think positive and be optimistic whenever you undertake anything life throws at you. Because your guardian angels believe that these positive thoughts will in-turn create successful results for you.

The positive energies inside you, your happy thoughts, and your optimistic emotions will be responsible for getting the results you wish for. This angel number encourages you to banish self-doubt and keep moving ahead. It clearly explicates that you are on the right path and you should not let anything bring you down or stop you.

Angel Number 1144 & Love

In the start of this article, we had mentioned, new beginnings, fresh starts, remember? The same applies to your love life as well. New things will happen surrounding your love arena. So, for example, if you are single right now, desperately trying to find a meaningful connection in life. Then guardian angels ask you to just hang in there, and not to lose heart, because someone is coming into your life soon.

This sequence ensures that you find a meaningful long-term relationship, not just flings. You are going to receive a lot of love from your partner, you just need to hang in there and keep hope.

angel number 1144 meaning love

There are new beginnings for the committed ones as well, if you are in a relationship, then be prepared, your relationship is going to soar to the next level. Maybe proposal, maybe marriage, maybe a very serious commitment is coming your way. Things in your relationship is all set to get a lot more serious.

Likewise, when it comes to the married ones, things always tend to get a lot more serious. But along with being serious, it does make a lot more sense as well, gradually.

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Since we are all up for fresh new beginnings, you’ll see positive changes in all aspects. Including, if you are in a toxic relationship as well. You will finally break up with the ongoing toxicity and witness a positive change in yourself and your life.

So, no matter how your love life is going on right now, if you see angel number 1144 everywhere that means your love life is going to change for the better, this is a sign to devote yourself wholeheartedly to the relationship you are in, if a fight takes place, here’s the sign to be the peacemaker in the relationship.

Here’s the sign to fill your love life with all the attributes of a romantic, passionate and adventurous relationship, take those little steps towards renewing your relationship into a beautifully, happy abode. Here’s the sign to love passionately like you have never loved before.

The Power Lies Within You – Create & Manifest Your Own Reality

The angel number 1144 gives you the power to realize your position in this universe as the co-creator. As the creator, the enabler and the game changer of your own life.

Your spirit angels are trying to entrust in you, the belief that you become what you think of. In simpler words, your thoughts become your actions and your actions determine the outcome. That means, if you are faced with a challenging situation and you are desperate for change,

First step is to believe that,

You are the one who will create your own reality.


Eradicate the negativity.

And in the place of negative thoughts, replace deep, positive thoughts.


Allow your thoughts to fill you with motivation, inspiration and encouragement.


Now the only step remaining is to never stop thinking positive and to never doubt your intuition. Let your thoughts and actions be like two parallel lines always in flow together. Bring the positivity from your inner thoughts to your outspoken actions.

Continuous positive thoughts will lead to miracles.

You will soon realize when your thoughts are optimistic, even the universe works along your side. Don’t think about the duration of the process. Just concentrate on what you are supposed to do, and the universe would eventually work in your favour and do what it is ought to do.

It’s Your Time – Step Out of That Cosy Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are the worst enemies for growth and new beginnings. If you are finding yourself too comfortable with the current situation in your life, it’s time to step out and grow.

If you have a strong desire to achieve something in life, maybe a promotion, a goal, or whatever it may be, your angel number 1144 is advising you to be on guard, step it up & get out of your safe haven!

It’s a warning from your spirit angels that you will not gain anything staying within your comfort zone and any fear that might be scaring you against stepping out, is nothing but your own fear.

With the angel number 1144, your guardian angels are encouraging you to have the confidence that you have everything in your power to do whatever it takes.

All you need to do is to believe in your instincts and trust your gut, and even if you fail, the universe has got your back! The universe is beyond our understanding but yet it has its own unique twisted ways of having you been placed which is in your favour.

In the form of spirit angels, the universe has arranged for your help. So just close your eyes and listen to them when you feel lost.

Feeling Negative? Ditch the feeling and remain supremely positive

The angel number 1144 tells you to stay positive no matter how tough the conditions get. Spirit angels warn you against harbouring negative emotions as they will only bring you down. Negative actions will directly hamper your ambitions and your ability to achieve your dreams.

So, stop underestimating yourself and instead practice confident thoughts like,

You will get promoted.

You will graduate this year.

You are blessed.

You have the ability and the capability.

Just believe in yourself. Believe that you can complete the goal that is set before you. You are enough for the role, you are enough to reach your dreams.

Don’t Stop – Just Keep Moving Forward

Ever had a feeling where you just wanted to give up?  Tried and yet failed countless number of times? You felt hopeless and wanted to end every effort!

It happens, it may be really tempting to just give up when it gets tough but the angel number 1144 warns you against giving up. It asks you to hang in there, keep at it and step closer towards reaching your goal.

Even if all your efforts are going in vain, even if all the results you are getting are negative, even if you feel like taking a break, do take a break but don’t give up. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from moving in that direction, and soon enough, you’ll reach your destination.

What To Do If You Keep Visualizing & Perceiving Angel Number 1144?

If you have seen angel number 1144 only once, then you might as well ignore it and move on as it can be a sheer co-incidence.

However, if you keep noticing the number as often as anything else in your life then you might want to look into it. It may be possible that your angels are trying to send you an important message regarding the situation of your life.

Once you are sure that it’s your spirit angels trying to guide you, then you must,

  • Surround yourself with positivity.
  • Develop an optimistic outlook towards everything in life.
  • Believe that you are the master and the maker of your own reality.
  • Keep your mind full of clear and positive thoughts.
  • Try to find your purpose of life.
  • Look out for the real meaning of your existence.
  • Be creative and stay motivated in order to bring out the best of you.
  • Be more self-dependent and get your things in order.
  • Strive for a better character and let the angels guide you along your way.

Lastly, help comes in the most unexpected ways. You need to have faith and embrace change as it comes to you. Believe that your guardian angels are escorting and cheering you every step along the way.

The angel number 1144 wraps up and presents you once in a lifetime opportunity to start over and direct you to a different and better direction in your life. It facilitates you to make life and be whatever you want to be. So, when you see these angel numbers, you know exactly what to do. When you see the opportunity knock at your door, OPEN IT AND DON’T MISS IT!

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