Why Do You have Dreams about Vomiting?

Dreams about vomiting

This might be a very unpleasant dream, and you might even consider it a nightmare, but the important thing about it is that you don’t ignore it altogether. As disgusting or disturbing as it might be, it also offers hidden meanings that you would benefit from understanding, even if it’s usually bad news. In this … Read more

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Your Crush

what does it mean when you dream about your crush

 Who hasn’t spent hours at an end daydreaming about their crush? Imagining asking them out on a date, picturing their reaction, kissing them in our minds. It is, thus, not surprising that so many of us dream -regularly!- about our crushes. While this might be nothing more than wishful thinking, it might also be an … Read more

Why Do You Have Dreams about Your Spouse Cheating?

Dreams about Your Spouse Cheating

Is there anything more devastating that discovering your spouse is cheating on you? Unfaithfulness can be a heartbreaking experience, and though dreaming about it might sound like a nightmare, it’s not always a bad sign. In this article, we’ll explain the different interpretations dreaming about your spouse cheating on you carries. As always, the devil … Read more

Crying In Dreams – Meaning & Significance

crying in dreams

Many of us would have, at some times, experienced a disturbing dream and found ourselves waking up crying. If you dream about crying, it is a reflection of your emotional state. You might wonder whether it is negative or positive. While such dreams can be highly negative, crying dreams often reveal feelings that you did … Read more

What Does It Mean if You Dream about Someone Repeatedly?

what does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly

We all see dreams and they can be entertaining, confusing, mysterious or disturbing. There are different theories about why we dream. However, everything we see in our dreams can be considered as symbols and we often wonder what they can mean. Some of the most perplexing dreams are the recurring dreams that feature the same … Read more