Dreaming About Lions – Meaning & Interpretation

dreaming about lions

You may have recently had a dream about a lion; a dream that may have left you confused about what it could’ve possibly meant. After all, the human brain brings out its deepest desires and insecurities during dreams and it is our job to interpret those dreams and what they mean. In this article, we’re … Read more

Dreams about Rape – Dream about being Raped Meaning

dreams about being rape

Rape is a terrible crime to commit against another person, and to dream about it can certainly be unpleasant. It’s probably more of a nightmare than a dream, in fact, but it still can hold different symbologies you shouldn’t ignore, however unpleasant. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at dreams about rape and … Read more

Dreams About Bats – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams About Bats

Bats are mysterious and winged creatures who have always been associated with the dark, the occult and sometimes even evil. But what does it mean to dream about bats? And what is the biblical meaning of them? In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into this puzzling animal. Dreams About Bats – Meaning and … Read more

Bloody Dreams: Symbolism Behind Dreaming about Blood

dreaming about blood

Seeing blood in your dreams usually stands for life, energy and your vital energy, but it can also signify disappointing news are about to arrive, among a myriad of other interpretations. Are you the one bleeding or is someone else hurt? Did the blood appear out of nowhere? Depending on several factors, this dream might … Read more

What Does it Mean if You Have Dreams about War?

dreams about war

Dreaming about war seemed like a terrible sign, and most likely a horrible nightmare. Is it truly a bad sign to deal with dreams about war? Should you be worried? War is, for good reason, related to pain, suffering and fear, so it’s no wonder most interpretations are linked to conflict going on in the … Read more