Dreams About Sharks – Meaning and Interpretation

dream about sharks

Sharks are deeply associated with determination, aggressiveness and obsession, as well as fierceness and being ruthless when it comes to pursuing your goals. Which is why, positive or negative, dreams of sharks will always be related to following your desires and dreams, sometimes at all costs. In this article, we’ll discuss all possible interpretations that … Read more

What Does It Mean if You Dream about Lizards?

dreams about lizards

As all reptiles, lizards shed their skin regularly, completely changing their exterior as often as the environment demands it, to adapt to the world around them. They are, for this very reason, deeply linked to change, resilience, new experiences and rebirth. It’s not all good news when you dream about lizards, though, as they are … Read more

What Does It Mean If You Have Dreams about Dragonflies?

dreams about dragonflies

Some cultures consider dragonflies to be a symbol of good luck. Others, a sign that rain is coming, and since rain is often associated with change and renewal, so other dragonflies by correlation. These insects have something mystical about them, from their shape to their beauty and how mysteriously they seem to appear whenever rain … Read more

What Does It Mean if You Dream about Dragons?

dream about dragons

Dragons are mystical creatures that appear, in one shape or another, in almost every single culture in the world. They usually are linked with magic, longevity, fate and other positive concepts like personal empowerment, growth, and creativity. If you dream about dragons, it’s most likely a good omen, but it still greatly depends on all … Read more