What Do Dreams About Killing Someone Mean? – Surprising Answers

dream about killing people

There are many interpretations of dreams about killing someone. It may indicate that you’re subconsciously attempting to get rid of something unnecessary in your life or someone who’s a disturbance to you. Perhaps, you’re releasing repressed anger or rage towards someone or something in your life, and it could even be towards yourself! If your … Read more

What Does It Mean to Dream About Money?

dream of finding money

We’ve all had a dream about money at some point in our lives. Yet, not many of us know what it means when money appears in a dream. Some aren’t even interested to know because they believe dreams have no bearing on our waking reality. But, recent scientific studies suggest that dreams can affect our … Read more

Interesting Meanings Behind Dreams about Turtles

dream about turtles

Did you dream about a turtle lately? What does it mean when you dream about turtles? If you don’t have a turtle, or if you have not interacted with a turtle lately, then there is a lot of possible meaning being your dream. Think about exactly what occurred in your dream. Turtles are often good … Read more