What Does It Mean When You Dream About Alligators


These mighty creatures are known to scare those who enter their habitat. From horror stories in the news about people who have seen them to the videos on animal channels about what they are capable of, alligators are no meek creature. Now, you may have woken up only to remember that you saw an alligator … Read more

Should You Be Worried When Dreaming of Someone Dying?

Dreaming of dead people

Dreaming of someone dying can be extremely terrifying, especially if it’s about someone you love. However, dreams can have different meanings and interpretations. Dreams are usually symbolic and although dreaming of dead people can be really scary, the meaning behind this dream might be something positive. Death dreams can mean a lot of different things. … Read more

Dreams About Spiders Explained In Depth

What does it mean when you dream about spiders

Dreams about spiders can have different meanings. Spiders have been often present in various mythological tales, folklore, and traditions, all throughout human history. They can represent several different things in our life, depending upon the cultural concept that the interpretations originate from. A lot of people are aware of the Greek mythological tales about spiders. … Read more

What Happens If You Dream About Being Pregnant?

dream about being pregnant thumbnail

Did you just dream that you’re pregnant? Is the dream bothering you? Are there any issues in your life that may have triggered this dream of yours? But what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant? First of all, you’re definitely not the only one who has had a dream about being pregnant. … Read more

Will You Really Lose Your Hair If You Have Dreams of Hair Falling Out?


Many people have dreams of hair falling out. This is a common dream that has varying meanings and interpretations. Hair has long been considered a complex symbol. The loss of hair could signify the loss of sexual satisfaction, vanity, sensuality, and health. On the other hand, hair can also suggest power. Thus, if you dream … Read more

What’s the Biblical Meaning of Water in Dreams?

Biblical meaning of water in dreams

Our dreams say a lot about our lives, especially about our present situation. One of the most common dreams is water. Although there are different interpretations for this kind of dream, it’s important that you know the biblical meaning of water in dreams if you’re someone religious or if you’re someone who believes in the … Read more