What Does a Chance meeting with a Blue Jay Mean?

What Does a Chance meeting with a Blue Jay Mean?

Did you encounter a blue jay lately?

Unique animal encounters are somewhat scary at times. Due to ancient customs, there’s always a connotation regarding animal symbolism. And knowing what a sudden appearance of blue jay means will partly enlighten and scare you.

The blue jay is a kind of bird comparable to crow. It is highly recognizable by its blue top and white chest. It talks, vocalizes, and even imitates other birds and a human voice. Its voice serves to attract targets. They are usually found anywhere in the wild and even at backyards. And so, coming across a blue jay is likewise to happen.

Blue Jay Symbolism

Knowing what does a blue jay mean is the easiest way to answer the question, what does it symbolize?

Blue Jay simply means a North American bird which can be literally named as you saw it. The way it looks and sounds give you so many hints about its identity.

blue jay symbolism

A Blue Jay symbolizes positive vibes such as determination, activeness, intelligence, faithfulness, life endurance, opportunities and other acts of bravery. There are also dangerous representations such as warnings pertaining to a near threat.

Another meaning is it deals with a clarity of thoughts whether you see a blue jay in actual or in a dream.

Below are other keyword meanings in conformity with the blue jay:

  • Communication
  • Taking advantage of a situation
  • Humbleness
  • Easy-going
  • Boldness
  • Pride
  • Enthusiastic
  • Energy
  • Overcomer
  • Fearlessness

Overall, a blue jay pushes you to become a better version of you. It symbolizes you to go deeper into your capabilities. You can do better, it says.

What Does It Mean When You See A Blue Jay In Person?

All encounters in life do have meanings. Some testimonials say, after seeing a blue jay, in a short period of time opportunities suddenly arrive. It is because bluebird is an opportunist so it transfers to you.

Further, meeting a blue jay in the midst of stress will give you a calm nature with the fearless thinking about the future. The reason is it signifies clearer vision as similar to the color of the sky. And so, if you feel anxious, pray that a blue jay will come your way.

Its feather also has a meaning particularly healing. Perhaps, consistently seeing a blue jay feather keeps telling you to apply self-care. Another is it pushes you to be bolder in sharing ideas to others. It represents wisdom and deeper comprehension.

Some believe that blue jay is a sacred animal. There are Gods and Goddesses who use blue jay as a spirit animal. Imagine how precious the meaning of blue jays during ancient times is.

What Does It Mean When You See A Blue Jay In A Dream?

It is by luck seeing a blue jay in a dream. If so, there might be an implication that we need to know.

Seeing a blue jay in a dream reminds you to stop being pretentious. This idea came from the native stories wherein a blue jay becomes boastful after showing its talent in singing. As a lesson, its voice has been damaged to preserve humility.

Another is a bluebird is trying to help you to figure out certain scenarios in life, including life’s purpose. Sometimes it reveals the truths of life. This is so hard to understand right now maybe you can tell aftermath stories.

blue jay meaning

Are you feeling unfocused these past few days and then you dreamt about a blue jay?
I don’t know, but you need to take a long walk for a while and start meditating. Blue jays also represent your contemplations that need to be deleted and forgotten.

Near danger is the worst meaning of dreaming a blue jay. The challenge here is, you don’t have any idea what it refers to. What you need to do is to trust your intuition more than ever before. Be careful, that’s the best I would give as advice.

As you can see, all dream meanings above are targeting thoughts and emotions. It is because a blue jay is an air animal which symbolizes spirituality, opinions and ideas, and the truths.

3 Blue Jay Meanings

Blue Jay as a Spirit Animal

Do not underestimate the presence of a blue jay at home or at your territory. You are actually doing good to have one. Here are the reasons:

Blue Jay actually lifts you up whenever it chatters or sings. It develops inner potentials that whatever you dream to happen will eventually accomplish. In other words, it opens your eyes to your true self.

You can treat a blue jay as a faithful and loyal companion. It will never leave you in times of difficulties instead it gives you protection. Negative energies aren’t felt in its company but it will keep you aware of surrounding unconstructiveness.

It also helps you to speak confidently in a way you can be understood by others. As discussed earlier, blue jays symbolize effective communication in such a way of expressing its own wisdom. You can become heir to this quality.

Having a blue jay as a spirit animal will enhance psychic vision. It seems weird and yet you become more sensible about the things around you. There are always wonders hiding how we normally see the status quo. There’s more than here and now!

Blue Jay as an Amulet

Lucky charms are not new anymore. However, a blue jay amulet is somewhat unrecognized up until these days. We must need to discover the goodness of having one.

Here are the inherent qualities of a person having a blue jay amulet since birth:

People who have this kind of charm are known to be brilliant and inborn investigators. Jays are good in gathering information which passes to the person having a Jay charm. Talking with this person will add knowledge to you. It would be fine counting them to your friend’s list.

They are also people who are more outspoken that nothing seems hidden. They can be the truest friend ever. When you see a person that is too confident, maybe that person wears a blue jay amulet. Seizing the day is what matter most even with arrogance.

what does it mean when you see a blue jay

You can be inspired by a blue jay friend. They show you another perspective of life which is good in this cruel world. This results of you carving for growth. This proves the power of words a blue jay release into a person. If I were you, I would choose to be with this kind of inspiring people. It’s not yet too late to change your circle.

They are more concern about the condition of others, indeed selfless creatures. A heart of compassion has been built. Once someone or something threatens important people in their life, they will fight back and no reconciliation would happen. This treat is so dangerous when not controlled.

Again, these are only applicable to those who are born with a blue jay amulet/charm. Luckily, we have opened your eyes to the possibilities for the next generation.

Blue Jay as a Power Animal

Blue Jay literally empowers the weak you. No one deserves to stay in a weakling state as we all need to rise up. We understand that co-human sometimes cannot revitalize you. Who would’ve known that a simple bird can revive your soul?

As Blue Jay spread its wings, it embraces its uniqueness. We often recognized the past as something already happens without being drawn into the lessons we must learn in it. Jay as a power animal wants you to see the extraordinary beyond the past.

For those who are introverts, time will come when you need to express what’s inside of you. Blue jay gives you the power to build confidence in showing the real you. It helps you to get out of that comfort zone.

Or, do you have a dying passion? A blue jay helps to rekindle the fire in your heart to keep on pursuing tons of dreams. There’s no wrong in trying again. We are here to support you anyways.


We give meanings on everything that we unexpectedly perceive or sense. Sometimes, you are getting into an out of context conclusion that eventually imprisons the real idea behind it. Most especially to this kind of topic which is highly difficult to comprehend.

I bet before you start reading this post you really have no idea about blue jay symbolism. All of the mentioned details are all science-based that means improbability. It’s all up to you whether to believe it or not. What matters now is it opened the eyes of many about blue jay symbolism in general.

If you are becoming more interested in this agenda, you can search for more facts on the internet. I understand how crucial this topic is. Yet, hope you learn something new in this post and we are open in listening on some of your ideas in the comment section below. See you then on the next blog!

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