Libra Sun Virgo Moon – Personality & Compatibility

Libra Sun Virgo Moon

Capable of bringing some real change in this world a Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality is both idealistic and logical. Although at times they can become very reserved or even timid, but behind all these reservations they would love to express themselves. They cannot tolerate chaos or defect, hence when they encounter anything like it … Read more

Blue Jay – Spirit Animal and Symbolism of the Blue Jay

symbolism of the blue jay

What’s the symbolism of the blue jay? Does seeing one of these beautiful birds in our daily life carry a special significance? It’s important to properly interpret the message being carried by this songbird. In this article, we’ll decipher the different symbols the blue jay represents. Symbols Associated With the Bluejay The bluejay is associated … Read more

Libra Sun Pisces Moon – Personality & Compatibility

Libra Sun Pisces Moon

Refined and helpful is how you describe a Libra Sun Pisces Moon personality. This type of personality is known to make exceptional compromises only to ensure everyone they love is satisfied and happy. A Libra Sun Pisces Moon personality is creative, sensitive and very compassionate. They tend to live in a world of fantasy, especially … Read more

Dreams about the Black Panther Meaning

dreams about the black panther

Having dreams about the black panther carry different interpretations that may vary depending on the details included in the dream. One way or another, though, it’ll always involve elements such as secrets, mysteries or the occult, as well as hint at inner strength and determination. In this article, we’ll explore the different symbolisms lurking behind … Read more

Sparrow – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Sparrow Symbolism

Just like the swallow bird, sparrows are a small bird. However, they are among the most powerful beings that soar the skies.  Of course, it is inevitable that humans find a connection to these birds. Sparrows, in particular, are being incorporated as the spirit animals of some people. Honestly, doing so is quite beneficial because … Read more